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Nexus Compendium – Images added to ALL Skins and Mounts Tints!

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Nexus Compendium - Images added to ALL Skins and Mounts Tints!

I have waited a long time to write this post, as it turned out that the workload was immensely bigger than anticipated, and I had to roll out the results over quite a few iterations. It was teased back when the Compendium turned 2 years, in April, and again – 4 weeks ago – when /u/phoe-nixx posted deep statistics on the Tint Data.

But, it's done: The Nexus Compendium now hold images for EVERY SINGLE Skin AND Mount in the game, which has made improvements all throughout the site.

Recap of the Changes

To get an idea of how extensive the changes are, the full list of changes comes here:

  • Data and Images for 1749 Skin Tints and 517 Mount Tints are added to the site.
  • Individual Skin and Mount Pages show all additional Tints available (highlighed below).
  • Events, Seasonal Overviews, Subuniverses and the like not only shows related Skins or Mounts, but also if it's only a specific Tint is related (highlighted below).
  • Sales show the image of the Skin or Mount Tint in question, rather than the base Skin or Mount, with the Tint in parenthesis (highlighted below).
  • Basic Types for Skins and Mounts have been unified (even though there are many more types active for Mounts).
  • Skins also have a Details field, like Mounts.

Individual Skin and Mount Pages

The most useful pages, in order to view the changes, given that this is where the images, and details are listed. The best example to highlight this, is – without a doubt – Mecha Tyrael.

The 4 additional Tints are listed, sorted by first by Release Date, then Name. The Limited-Time tints are highlighted, and the special status of "Perfect Mecha Tyrael" is highlighted, being both a Seasonal Tint and his addition in the MechaStorm II Event.

As an opposite example, the Tamed Ravasaur only has the Base Tint available, and thus doesn't show anything.

Showing New Tints for Existing Skins/Mounts in Events

Ever since the Fragments of the Dark Nexus Event, it became obvious that Skins and Mounts shouldn't only be referenced by their base ID, but also shown if new Tints were added – something that proved to also be the case with Nexomania II, and the current Worlds Collide Event.


This should make the use of Event Pages much more useful, in order to find new Skins and Mounts added, as well as figuring out the different relations available.

Somewhat related to that, is the method of having Alternate Subuniverse and Alternate Descriptions available, when the Tint differs even more from its base – a perfect example being the Cyber Ghost Kerrigan Tint, or one of the RCHS Tints.

Sales Pages Shows Fitting Images and Proper Names

While it might seem like a minor detail, it was a thing that bothered me a bit, ever since I started showing the Images on the Sales (Heroic Deals) pages, when the Individual Skin and Mount Pages were made. It led to a lot of pictures not being shown, simply because they weren't available. Later, when I started gathering the Images, that became less of a problem, as it would show the Base Skin or Mount, if the Tint Image wasn't there.

Now, however, the full name is being written properly, as well as the proper picture being shown, making the pages much more wholesome to look at. Especially the big sales, like December 19, 2017 or November 21, 2017. It just ties everything together nicely!

Next Up

Of course, as I strive to complete one thing, a few other exciting things keeps popping up and poke at me for being next in line to be added on the site. As it currently stands, the runner ups are:

  • Showing the ARAM Rotation as part of the Battleground Rotations, and giving them pages.
  • Showing the Ranked Season Data (Periods, Rewards and the like).
  • Banners – in a matter similar to Skins and Mounts.
  • Reworking Subuniverses (Craft Wars being a split between Warcraft and StarCraft sure did a number on me).
  • Showing Guide-references and the like.
  • A ton of technical behind-the-scenes upgrades.

Any other good ideas? After all, the Nexus Compendium is meant to be a resource for you lovely people!

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