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Nexus Compendium – Ranked Seasons Added, Plus Internal IDs, Improved Navigation and more!

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Nexus Compendium - Ranked Seasons Added, Plus Internal IDs, Improved Navigation and more!

I'm glad to say that
events - Nexus Compendium - Ranked Seasons Added, Plus Internal IDs, Improved Navigation and more!

Ranked Seasons are now available on the Nexus Compendium!

I posted quite a major update a few weeks ago, when images to all Skins and Mount Tints were added (a bit more on that later on), and luckily it did take significantly less time to get this new part ready. Along the way, I took the opportunity to get a few much needed other additions added, which this post will cover:

  • Ranked Season Pages
  • Improved Navigation
  • ARAM Battleground Rotations
  • Internal Item IDs added to Tints

So, let's take a closer look!

Ranked Seasons

An overview of alle the Ranked Seasons have been added to the site, through the Events Overview, as that was the page that made the most sense to put it.

The individual pages – such as the one for the current one: 2020 Season 4 – contains the following information:

  • Listing of the Duration dates.
  • Lists of Rewards, with relevant links (for instance, to the Tamed Ravasaur).
  • List of Ranked Battleground Rotation changes through the Season.
  • Link to the official post about the Season itself.
  • Link to Heroes Profile, showing an overview of Winrates over the Season's patches.

If you have any ideas to additional information I should add

Improved Navigation

I have to give /u/phoe-nixx full credit for the idea here, based on his comment:

Would be cool also to have
buttons to traverse between heroes, skins and mounts alphabetically, like you do in the Heroes collection.

While it didn't turn out exactly like that, I believe the result is equally useful, and has been expanded to apply to every single page I could think of, following the logic of a closed loop (that is, if you reach the "end", it starts over), ordered as written below:

  • Heroes – Alphabetically
  • Skins – Alphabetically, per Hero
  • Mounts – Alphabetically
  • Battlegrounds – Alphabetically
  • Events – Chronologically
  • Seasonal Events – Chronologically
  • Ranked Seasons – Chronologically
  • Universes – Alphabetically
  • Subuniverses – Alphabetically

On top of that, all of the above – plus Rotation and Sales Pages – have gotten a link added in their "type header" linking back to the overview of said type. I hope this'll make everything much less painful to use.


ARAM Battleground Rotations

Short and simply, really. Since the new ARAM game-mode was added on September 8, it was only fitting that they were shown as well, alongside the Ranked and Unranked ones: Rotations for the Week of 2020-09-08. Naturally, these changes are also visible in the Rotation Overview, as well as Currently in the Nexus.

The ARAM Battlegrounds will get of course get individual pages later on, just like the existing ordinary Battlegrounds.

Internal Item IDs added to Tints

A smaller addition after the recent Tint Addition (visually) that turned out to be much faster to add than expected, and is now visible for all Skin and Mount Tints, which could turn out to be useful for those dealing with the Replay Data. Feel free to poke me, and I'll happily export the data in a neat way.

This addition does, however, also mean that I'll eventually add Hero- and Skin-specific Mounts to the site, as those IDs would otherwise not exist. The same case applies to Cho'gall's carried Mounts (as they have separate IDs than the actual carried Mount). Believe me, the trouble Cho'gall have caused me so far… sheeeesh.

On top of that, a lot of small issues with the Tints have been fixed, like types, clarifications and a few ones that had completely eluded me. The News Section gets into much more detail.

…and there is more to come!

Of course there is! Currently, the list of coming additions looks like the following, but I'm always open for other ideas and fun additions! Suggest away!

  • Banners – in a matter similar to Skins and Mounts.
  • Redoing the Hero images.
  • Individual ARAM Battleground pages.
  • Reworking Subuniverses to not be tied to a single Universe.
  • Showing Guide-references and the like.
  • A ton of technical behind-the-scenes upgrades.

As always, I can also recommend following The Nexus Compendium on Twitter, where I do more frequent updates, rather than stockpiling them every once in a while like this – plus that the Weekly Free-to-Play Hero Rotations and Heroic Deals always gets posted there first. 😁

Love, Gnub 💕

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