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[Nexus Hero Concept] The Major (Minion Focused Hero)

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - [Nexus Hero Concept] The Major (Minion Focused Hero)

Hero: The Major

Role: Flexible Melee Bruiser


Recruit – Select a friendly basic minion to join your party. They will follow the major in a line formation. Minions will be enhanced with improved gear. 3 charges,10 sec CD, 3 minions max

This is the core idea behind the design. The Major is effectively a super minion that fights along side other minions. The minions that are chosen will effect how abilities are augmented. The minions follow the major in a line formation and will break formation to fixate the majors target. The minions are enhanced when recruited, They gain some health and hero movement speed. The Recruit ability has a large range to minimize any annoyances with needing to bolster the party.


Testudo – Minions form a testudo formation and become immune to damage. The major gains a shield. This shield is increased by 50% for each melee minion in the party. While in this formation, the party has 15% reduced movement speed and cannot attack or use other abilities. The formation breaks if the shield is broken. CD 8 sec

Any Lost Viking player knows how devastating AOE damage can be to grouped vikings. While the Major does share this key weakness, Testudo is a tool to help reduce this vulnerability. The ability is most comparable to Chen's trait. The major can hold this defensive formation as desired at the cost of being locked out of doing anything else. The player can cancel the formation at anytime.


Volley – After a .5 second delay The Major and party will launch projectiles in the target direction. Volley's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for each Ranged minion in the party. CD 10 sec

The Primary damage ability of The Major. It is most comparable to Chromie's Q ability, but what makes it unique is how the projectiles change based on the minion that launches it. The melee minions toss a rock that deals low damage and applies a slow. The range minion shoot an arrow that is fast and deals the highest single target damage. The mage minion launches a fire ball that ignites the target for 4 seconds. Creating a fire aura that damages adjacent enemies. The Major Has access to all three projectiles and can toggle between them with the 1 key. The projectiles do not converge on a single location. Instead they fire parallel to each other in the chosen direction.



Healing Globe – Consume a health globe. This healing is shared among your party. The healing duration is increased by 4 seconds if a Mage minion in the party. CD 20 sec

It's a health globe, so a modest heal over 8 seconds. This is not shared with allies for balance reasons, but could be a potential talent later on. Their is no benefit to stacking multiple mage's since they are less common then the others. I am not going into talents in this concept, but there would definitely be a talent tier that applies a chosen buff while the healing is active.


Spirit Ritual – Minions form a triangle formation and begin channeling. The Major receives various buffs depending on minions in the ritual. The ritual last until the minions are killed or the Major leaves its range.

Similar to Volly, this ability can function drastically depending on the minions in the party. I am not too sure on the specifics right now, but it would effective be a super saiyan mode. The minions are completely vulnerable during the ritual and the buffs diminish as they are killed. The effect radius is rather large so player will need to start the ritual at a safe distance before engaging.


Siege Breaker: Summon a large catapult that will fire projectiles at a targeted location. The projectiles deal moderate damage with a brief stun. The major can right click on the catapult and will be launched in place of the next projectile. The Catapult will remain stationary and can launch a volley every 4 seconds. Its active until 6 volleys have been used or until destroyed.

It is a large stationary turret. It has long range, but the projectiles are slow. A bit like the Viking's Longboat Q ability. As a fun bonus The major can hop inside and use it to hard engage or escape. The target radius is donut shaped. As a catapult cannot fire at targets near it.

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