Heroes of the Storm

NGS Season 9 team registration ending imminently!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - NGS Season 9 team registration ending imminently!

Can you feel it? The end is coming! The end of registration that is! Hurry up! If you don't quite have 5 people consider grabbing a free agent or two and then figuring out the details after. Your team can have 9 slots and can be changed to a certain extent during the season.

Don't be a ninny! You don't want to live out the rest of your days wondering what COULD be do you? All the cool people are doing it. I'm doing it, and I'm the coolest person I know! If you want to be cool and don't know how, just check out this video:

If you still don't know, just ask! NGS mods on our Discord server are willing to help how we can! Today and tomorrow are your last days!


Right now there are 80 teams. But I was really hoping for 100+ Can we make it happen? It's up to you! If you aren't on the list but you think you should be, let me or a mod know and we will get it sorted.
10 Armor
Aba Murky Cult
Amateur Opponents
Annie Oak League
Arrogant Nephalem
Bad By Design
Ban Cho
Beast Coast
Better Than Bots
Blood Bath & Beyond
Boogan Squad
Bunker Fun Time
Caffeinated Knights
Calculated Throw
Can't Counterpick Stupid
Cerebral Gaming
Choo Choo Boiz
Church of Murky
Clouded Minds
death and delay
Deathwing's Hookah Lounge
Die for Vision
Die Gaming
Dread Pirates
Durotan's Couch
Essence Gaming
Feigned Competence
Frank's Furters
Full Meta Jacket
Give Us Twenty
House Of Chez
I Must Feed
Illidancing Queens
Minion Miners
Most Wanted
Nanoed Aba
Nexus Cats
One More Fight!
Party Time
Phoenix Rising Amethyst
Phoenix Rising Emerald
Phoenix Rising Onyx
Phoenix Rising Ruby
ProBUs Drift: Cannon Rush
Randy Newman
ReGen Ghost
ReGen Phoenix
ReGen Retro
Respect the Goose
Run it Down Mid
Scalding Sweat Cult
sOaK eVeRy LaNe
Spooky Ghosts
[email protected] Orphans
Team Training Wheels
The Baddest Dudez
The One Tricks
Tiny Dancers
Uncomfortably Numb
We Take These
Wholesome Halfwits
Wood League
Xul Gin Distillery
Zirconium League

It looks like there could be some bloodshed in the future, but we have to ask ourselves, is it ENOUGH bloodshed? Probably Not.

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