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NGS Storm Division: SEASON 2! First Qualifier Jan 6th-7th

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - NGS Storm Division: SEASON 2! First Qualifier Jan 6th-7th

Ahoy Heroes, NGS Storm Division is coming back for Season 2!

If you're interested in competing for a spot in Storm Division, the signup link for the first qualifier being hosted on Jan 6th and 7th starting at about 8pm EST both days can be found here:
Team Registration – Will be open until Sunday Jan 3rd at 11:59pm PST

If you want to check out the prize pool for Season 2 or the complete rules, it's right here:
https://matcherino.com/t/stormdivisions2 – You can even use the coupon code StormS2 to contribute to the prize pool for free!

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Wedge#7006 in discord or you can head on over to the NGS discord to ask there! https://discord.gg/2R48wkz

Now if you want some more nitty gritty, here are the full facts on Storm Division!

What is Storm Division?
Storm Division is the top division of NGS. Teams have to qualify for their chance to compete for a crowdfunded prize pool. Last season, we had top level amateur teams and ex-HGC pros alike competing!

Prize pool you say?
Yes! Last season, with the help of our wonderful community we raised a prize pool of over $1,500! The prize pool is split with 1st receiving 55%, 2nd receiving 30% and 3rd receiving 15%.

How do I qualify?
Anyone can sign up with a team to compete in the qualifiers! There will be 6 new spots in Storm Division up for grabs this season and as such, there will be 6 qualifiers with each qualifier winner receiving a spot in Storm Division.

When are the qualifiers? (All qualifiers will start at approximately 5pm PST/8pm EST)

  • Qualifier 1: Jan 6th-7th
  • Qualifier 2: Jan 13th-14th
  • Qualifier 3: Jan 20th-21st
  • Qualifier 4: Jan 27th-28th
  • Qualifier 5: Feb 3rd-4th
  • Qualifier 6: Feb 6th-7th

What format are the qualifiers?
Qualifiers are a single-elimination, best of 3 bracket hosted over the two days. Each day will feature a max of 3 rounds.

How do I sign up?
First, you will have to fill out the form a the top of the page. Second, you will have to register your team on the NGS Website and then you'll be registered for the first qualifier! Your team must have 5-6 players on the roster.

This all sounds great! Where can I watch it?
Storm Division action will always be covered on the NGS Twitch! For qualifiers, we will have multiple streams going for all the games happening at the same time, so stay tuned as we announce the casting lineups for each qualifier.

I'm a caster and would be interested in casting matches, can I cast Storm Division?
Yes! During qualifiers we will need multiple casters to help cover the entire bracket so we would be happy to have you! Please reach out to Wedge#7006.

What region is hosting Storm Division?
Storm Division is NA based but is open to anyone that is willing to compete on NA servers!

That should hopefully answer most questions, but if anything was missed, post below or hit up that Wedge#7006 guy in discord!

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