Heroes of the Storm

Niffy Gurglebeaker – Goblin Alchemist concept

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Niffy Gurglebeaker - Goblin Alchemist concept

"No! Shaken, not stir—" ~ Heard in a Goblin Observatory just before the entire building was demolished.

A fanatical goblin alchemist, Niffy Gurglebeaker rides on the back of a pygmy ogre, Hamhok, who has undergone a series of chemical "treatments" to enforce compliance. Sometimes the ogre shows signs of independence and even outright defiance. However, these outbursts are swiftly quelled by the goblin master, who can be like his concoctions—harsh and volatile. Though personal differences may at times distract this duo, when it comes to biological warfare and raw, brute strength, Niffy and Hamhok are truly at the top of their game!

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————–Niffy and Hamhok, The Dynamic Brew-o————–


Health 2400

Health Reg 4.168

Resource 500 Mana

Armor 0

Attack Spd 1.33

Attack Rng 6

Attack Dmg 30

Collsion Radius .65



Hamhok was once an ogre shaman of the Mo'grosh clan, allies of the celebrated Twilight's Hammer. His diminutive size—a mere 6 feet instead of 12—caused him to be marked as a pygmy ogre and chastised endlessly by his kin. Eventually, he was captured by Niffy Gurglebeaker and drugged mercilessly until he lost many of the faculties that gained him shaman status despite his size. There are sometimes hints of the ogre he used to be, but it's hard to tell beyond the puppeteer's strings.

Hamhok is Niffy's mount, and all of Niffy's abilities can be cast while mounted. Niffy's ranged autoattack is replaced by Hamhok's melee autoattack while mounted. Hamhok can not be dismounted voluntarily, and taking damage does not cause a dismount either. However, if Niffy gets to 40% health, he is dismounted and Hamhok runs off. Niffy is unable to mount again until he reaches full health or uses Hearthstone to go back to the Hall of Storms.

Attack Spd 1.33

Attack Rng 1.5

Attack Dmg 55

Collision Radius 1.00

Move Spd 110%


Hydronator 5000

Niffy prides himself on substance abuse, and alchemists need to be able to bring their materials with them. The Hydronator 5000 that Niffy uses to douse friend and foe alike can also be used to suck up materials for later use.

Activating Niffy's trait on certain substances stores them as a charge to be used later. The Hydronator 5000 container is on his back so you can see what Niffy has chambered. Initially, only one charge can be held at a time and must be used before a new substance can be sucked up.

Healing Fountain – immediately puts Healing Fountain on full cooldown. (Blue liquid graphic)

Active applies full effects of a Healing Fountain.

Puts trait on cooldown for 20 seconds

Healing Spray PuddlePassive While Niffy has a charge of Healing Spray Puddle in the Hydronator 5000, Healing Spray Cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. (Green liquid graphic)

Active The liquid in the chamber is compressed into a Healing Orb and dropped on the ground.


Puts trait on cooldown for 20 seconds

Acid Bomb Cloud – Passive While Niffy has a charge of Acid Bomb Cloud in the Hydronator 5000, Hamhok has the Chemical Rage effect applied. Chemical Rage causes Hamhok's attack speed to increase by 50% and move speed is increased by 20%. (If Hamhok is disabled, Acid Bomb Cloud has no passive effect). (Purple gas graphic)

Active All enemies around Niffy (range 2 diameter) receive -10 armor debuff for 1 second and take 100 (+4% per level) damage.

No trait cooldown incurred

Broken Glass – Active Niffy blasts glass shards in a small cone (range 2). Enemies that are struck take 60 (+4% per level) damage and are knocked back (range 1). (either broken glass graphic or grey and white debris graphic, whichever is more readable/possible)

No trait cooldown incurred


Healing Spray

Niffy casts for .5 seconds, then sprays out a stream of healing brew on a target area every .5 seconds for 1.5 seconds (can move during this time). Allies struck heal 100 (+4% per level) hit points per stream. If any of the Healing Spray streams do not strike a hero, a Healing Spray Puddle is left on the ground. The Healing Spray Puddle lasts until Healing Spray is cast again. (EX. first stream misses, then allies walk into the aoe: the first stream creates a puddle. EX. If the first two streams hit and then allies leave the AoE, a puddle is created when the last stream lands. (Initially, the puddle does nothing.)

30 mana

Targeting range 6 diameter, target/AoE 2 diameter

Cooldown 8 seconds


Acid Bomb

Niffy hucks a vial of goop that travels for .5 seconds before it smashes on the ground. If the vial hits an enemy they take 140 (+4% per level) damage and have -10 armor for 2 seconds. If an enemy is not hit, an Acid Bomb Cloud is created on the ground (2 diameter). The Acid Bomb Cloud dissipates after 3 seconds. (Initially, the cloud does nothing.)

50 mana

Targeting range minimum 3 diameter (can't be cast at your feet), maximum 6 diameter, target 1 diameter

Cooldown 12 seconds


Broken Flask

Niffy drops an empty flask on the ground, smashing it into glass shards. Enemies that walk over the shards take 20 (+4% per level) damage per .25 seconds. Glass Shards lasts for 3 seconds.

20 mana

Range 3 diameter, AoE 2 diameter

Cooldown 10 seconds



After .5 seconds, Niffy tosses a flask that travels for .5 seconds. On impact, the flask turns an ally or an enemy into gold, putting them into stasis for 2 seconds.

100 mana

Range 4 diameter, point and click

Cooldown 20 seconds



Niffy tosses out a mechanical Health Fountain that takes .5 seconds to travel. This Health Fountain behaves just like a normal one, but is indestructible and self-destructs after 10 seconds. (Can be used to body block.)

Passive Niffy heals for 25% more.

80 mana

Range 3 diameter

Cooldown 100 seconds

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