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Noob-traps and underdogs in ARAM

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Noob-traps and underdogs in ARAM

Hey, just wanted to share a bit of my experience in over 1300 games in the ARAM game mode. I won't be mentioning heroes like Zul'jin, Li-ming and Kael'thas, as they're obviously super popular and very strong. I'm only mentioning heroes that I see regularly played, so I omitted heroes like Valeera.


  • Illidan (39% winrate) – although I see them less often over time, I still see a lot of games where a teammate picks Illidan, claiming he's strong, and we just end up losing with Illidan on top deaths and least damage done. You have no room to chase, never fight 1v1, and are super squishy against mages (which are plenty in ARAM) and CC, while his damage is just way too low.
  • Samuro (39% winrate) – exact same as Illidan, plus feeding quests to the enemy team
  • The Butcher – Butcher is just a huge roll of the dice. 25% of the time, it works every time… But the amount of games where I've seen Butchers with 0 stacks after 20 minutes is all too common. Getting early kills CAN quickly spiral a butcher out of control, but these cases are few and far between.
  • Chen (41% winrate) – Although he might seem a good all-rounder, you will just find yourself getting beat-up, CC'ed to death as an easy target, while not providing much protection or damage for your team.


  • Gazlowe (55% winrate) – The reworked Gazlowe has a lot to offer in ARAM. His new lvl 7 talent gives him scrap for each hero hit. This makes it so you build just a F-ton of turrents, while constantly bullying the enemy with your Laser (also heals), and AoE stuns with a great Ultimate finisher.
  • Deckard (54% winrate) – You might already know that Deckard is powerful, but maybe not that he is the highest winrate healer in ARAM. His lvl 1 talent can give 40% spell power if you hit 2 people with Scroll of Sealing (which is pretty eay to do most of the time), making you heal for 40% more. HE has with HUGE power spikes at 13 (huge flasks), 16 (more CDR and armor), and 20 (Bottomless flasks)
  • Orphea (58% winrate with best build) – Orphea's W/trait build has a whopping 58% winrate over 1284 games on Heroesprofile (longer timeframe selected). The build is extremely stong, but pretty hard to play in terms of positioning. From lvl 13 and onwards your damage will be insane, huge self-healing, shields… Pretty much everything you need to be over-powered. She remains very susceptible to CC though, where I've lost games where I was the only damage as Orphea, just getting stunned by ETC, or thrown by Garrosh.
  • Imperius (52% winrate – 60% with best build) – Getting into the late-game with Imperius it's almost unfair how strong he becomes. Going the best build for ARAM (Q build), his lvl 16 talent combined with his lvl 20 talent makes him almost invicible while melting away everyhing he sees. He is pretty mediocre in the early game which makes him a risky pick

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