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Notparadox drowning in details in ITN

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Notparadox drowning in details in ITN

I'm listening to the latest ITN and I think Notparadox is having trouble differentiating between the details that matter and those that don't. I agree 100% that there should be the ability to learn more about the systems and mechanics in the game so that new players can come up to speed better, but a lot of the examples he gave don't matter – even to pros.

For example, he said that he sees people suicide trying to finish off a fort because they see it's at 10% health. But no amount of data will help a human make the right call on that without calculations done by a computer. Imagine the mental math one would need to do in order to do this accurately:

Fort range is 8, Jaina's AA range is 5.5 and it takes <X> time to move 2.5 unmounted because the attack opens with a frost bolt out of range followed by blizzard doing <Q> damage which needs to be looked up on the character details display, then she cones of cold and then once in AA range she does <W> AA damage per second plus the next 2 pulses of Blizzard. She has <E> health and the fort does 375 * current armor debuff in damage per second. Solve for whether she can output enough damage before the fort kills her. Nobody can do that instantly in their head. It's always going to be a gut feel decision and the actual numbers don't matter at all. A pro player could memorize values like how much Jaina can do in 3 seconds at each hero level and how much forts will do in that time and compare that against the fort's health to guesstimate whether they'd survive but nobody else will bother / needs to know. (And you need to memorize that for every hero you play)


Similarly with the different damage catapults do to structures vs heroes and their change in range. All you need to know is that catapults increase in range over the course of the game. There's never a time when their specific range or damage output values matter for decisions you need to make. It's sufficient to know they get more deadly as the game goes on, and you can use that to estimate whether you need to back to defend them or if your fort can hold out while you take an objective or whatever you're doing.

I'm saying this mostly because in the podcast they were talking about getting new players up to speed better and teaching them all the mechanics of the game, which we can all agree the tutorials don't do. I think the intent was good but if you try to bury even experienced players in arithmetic like he described you'll turn away a lot of people who could otherwise enjoy and succeed just fine in HotS.

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