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Nova is screaming for a rework and here are some of my thoughts on why

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Nova is screaming for a rework and here are some of my thoughts on why

I really hope a Nova rework can be on deck soon. Here are several reasons I strongly feel she needs one, and what may surprise some of you is "waaaahhh! she has no waveclear!" isn't actually that high on the list:

1. Weak early game

  • abysmal laning – opponents just hide in minion waves or behind structures, no Snipe for you
  • huge mana problems before > at 7 and even then, problems persist if you don't want to Q a hero every single time
  • poor to average damage at best
  • camp-getting very average to poor; even if Bribe chosen at 4, still needs to stack after to gain any advantage from it and she doesn't want to leave lanes to say get a Seige Camp because she's not stacking Q's or pressuring enemy heroes
  • time spent clearing or stalling waves for exp is time not spent roaming, ganking, stacking Q's, and being invisible to enemies putting pressure on their rotations and creating uncertainty as to where she is.

2. Poor build diversity

  • many weak early game talents (Covert Ops, AA talents)
  • her auto attack build is weak; her AA's themselves are weak to average, and why would you play Nova for AA's over say, RAYNOR in today's game?
  • perverse incentives: easy to lose Snipe stacks doing what Nova is SUPPOSED to do in the early game: ambush heroes rotating between lanes; Q stacking encourages only sniping at heroes near other targets to minimize risk of losing stacks if main target is missed. Bribe talent encourages staying near lanes instead of roaming, and the stacks Nova can get from takedowns can vary wildly across games; even when getting decent stacks though as a macro talent it's still weaker than other bribes and doesn't grant Nova any buffs to her role as a PvP hero other than reducing her need to spend time on camp-getting.
  • Decoy rarely fools experienced players; certainly a useful vision tool and for blocking skillshots but it could have so many more interesting uses; what about a global cast range talent to truly misdirect even good players as to her location? Why not make it controllable to give it some better misdirect potential? What about letting it soak EXP? Even before damage was nerfed, Lethal Decoy was brain-dead design that amounted to "chuck it at enemies for more damage."
  • Triple Tap I feel is an underrated ult, particularly good versus mobility heroes, but yeah, it has a lot of problems and good players can defend against it fairly easily especially in a teamfight context. It should work more like Ana's Eye of Horus – a skillshot with zero travel time that actually feels like a SNIPE.

3. Invisibility changes hurt her disproportionately; Cloak needs to be weaved into her design far more

  • Even though the "eye" test of the old cloaking may have been bad for the game overall, for Nova it was a pretty important part of both her appeal and fun as a hero pick and her ability to survive AND fill her role. When they added Nova's 1 ability to cloak on demand but before they changed the way invisibility worked I remember giving dive heroes like Illidan the jukes with it all the time and it was always very amusing. "Where did she go, duhhhh, where'd she gooo?!?"
  • Nova's cloak needs to be looked at and her design should be more built around how she can tactically use invisibility to accomplish her role as a careful, tactical ambusher; more talents and skills should incorporate the Cloak trait into it; just by way of example, Snipe does more damage or has more range while cloaked or for 1 second after. The > talent, though pretty weak, is on the right track in this regard I feel.

4. Poorly fills supposed niche

  • ZERO self-sustain at any level, weak saving tools (slightly better now with Medallion, but her lack of mobility and tools turns the hunter into the hunted far too easily)
  • Very low mobility for a supposed PvP hero; as an artillery mage Chromie and Ming both outrange her and have vastly more tools
  • Very low CC; a mild, short duration slow at best
  • Changes to invisibility hurt her more than they hurt Zeratul or Valeera; good players easily see her coming and can juke the shots or simply hunt her down; the ganker becomes the ganked
  • When a healer feels more like the sniper fantasy than Nova does there's a problem

5. Weakest macro hero in the game

  • yes, her waveclear and laning is atrocious with the only real option for waveclear appearing at 16; but she has this rather in common with another hero that's near the top of the meta: Tracer. Nobody really complains about Tracer's lack of waveclear; why? She's good at her defined role. Even when she's spending time shooting minions or camps she's charging her Pulse Bomb. Her AA damage is actually good for getting camps AND dealing damage to structures. Her mobility means she won't get ganked on a camp or in lane. Now she even has real self-sustain. Bottom line: make Nova feel better to play and she doesn't need waveclear to work.

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