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Nova’s Eyes are the Wrong Color: A Treatise

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Nova's Eyes are the Wrong Color: A Treatise

Hey everyone,

I know there's a lot of debate over changes in HotS right now, and a lot of people are concerned. The exp changes have everyone worried, the professional circuit is undergoing some changes, and the general subreddit is concerned about the future of the game. But I want to talk to you about a problem HotS has had since its conception that has eaten away at it like a disease, a problem that always existed in the back of everyone's minds even if they didn't know it.

Yes friends, I speak of course of the fact that Nova's eyes on her base tint and in-game art are the wrong color, blue instead of green.

A Complete History of Nova's Eyes

November Annabelle Terra, as many know, was to get her start in the canceled StarCraft first person shooter, StarCraft: Ghost. While the game itself was never released, it solidified the design for Nova as a character, blonde haired and green eyed, made to be semi-similar yet distinct to Sarah Kerrigan, who was planned to be the protagonist in the initial stages of the game's development.

However, that game was never released, but Nova found her way into the canon of StarCraft with the release of the tie in novel StarCraft: Ghost: Nova (a fantastic book if you're into StarCraft), with Nova's father Constantino Terra describing her in the book:

”She wore very little makeup, just enough to highlight her green eyes; her smooth skin needed no cosmetic enhancements, and so far the ravages of adolescence had not blemished her visage.”

This was further reinforced by the manga that came out as the sequel to the book, whose cover gave her striking (though lighter) green eyes.

Then came her StarCraft II appearance, where for every appearance she would still maintain this same eye color (image here), even those appearances in Nova Covert Ops, which occurred after her HotS appearance. However, this wouldn't last in StarCraft's later works, as we'll get into later.

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Heroes of the Storm: The Downward Spiral

Nova's appearance started promising in Heroes of the Storm, with the introduction cinematic maintaining her regular green eye color, likely as it took from her SCII model, much like how Diablo used their D3 cinematic model for the trailer even if it was different from the final base HotS appearance.

You see, in early builds of Heroes of the Storm, Nova was given glowing eyes like a lot of early characters. Remnants of this can be seen in other early Warcraft characters like Uther, who retain it to this day. Likely as a way to streamline her eye glow with her blue suit, as glowing green would clash with it.

But with a number of StarCraft characters this glow was scaled back, reverting to normal eyes to match the more groundedness of its science fiction universe. However, when the eyes were returned to normal, the eye color was kept blue.

You can see it now in her base character art and in her base tint model. But the issues didn't stop there, as Heroes of the Storm was heavily marketed in its early stages with action figures, and Nova served as a poster child of sorts. Her action figure and Cute but Deadly figures all are blue. I have her figures on my office desk (among other SC figures), which was actually when I noticed this.

But it didn't just stop at HotS, as Overwatch later added a Nova skin for Widowmaker. Because a skin was a jab at Heroes using Widowmaker as a Nova skin, it too retained the blue eyes. The funny thing is that when they added a Kerrigan skin for Widowmaker, and that skin actually had green eyes to match Kerrigan's.

Worst of all, as if to mock me personally, the her comic Nova: The Keep and latest issue of Shadow Wars, the current run of the StarCraft comic, now uses Nova's erroneous blue eyes. The error's become so deep it's gone all the way back around to StarCraft, it becoming almost as prevalent as the normal eye color.

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Funnily enough, her Scarlet tint, which is made to look like Kerrigan, changes her eyes to green to match Kerrigan, so it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Thank you for reading my essay, next time follow me as I complain about how Zeratul's model lacks nipple “birthmarks” and thus is inaccurate.

TL;DR: Nova's eyes are blue instead of green and I just made you sit through a bunch of paragraphs about it. This has rendered the game in a literally unplayable state, unsubbed.

Also since apparently people need to be told sometimes, yes this is written to be partially satirical.

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