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Now that HL and TL are merged, please allow us to see allied ability cooldowns (lowers the handicap of solo queuers since those in party will be able to communicate such information)

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Now that HL and TL are merged, please allow us to see allied ability cooldowns (lowers the handicap of solo queuers since those in party will be able to communicate such information)

At the moment we can only see allied heroic cooldowns. Would be nice to be able to see all allied ability cooldowns, including basic abilities and talents.

In ranked, those queuing in a party with voice comms can share all these information on their ability cooldowns etc anyway rendering solo queuers at a handicap. My suggestion will even the playing field a little bit and make it more fair.

It doesn't make sense for people to be at a handicap if they prefer not to play in a party anyway. The playing field should be even as far as possible imo.

I foresee the objection being "being able to keep track of allied ability cooldowns is a skill, so it should remain". Here are my thoughts though:

  1. Pros don't have to do it at all, they only have to keep track of enemy cooldowns (obviously they communicate a lot in games). So telling me it is a skill when the best players in the world don't even do it seems a bit off.
  2. Most of the time, it is simply not realistic to keep track of all the ability cooldowns on all your teammates. If there is a 2-second window where you had to focus on something else, the following 10 seconds would be 10 seconds of complete randomness because you would have absolutely no clue which teammates casted what spells in those 2 seconds so you'd just have to guess. Even the best players in the world will occasionally have to focus on things other than allied ability cooldowns at times (in fact, monitoring ENEMY abilty cooldowns should be a far greater priority, so good players may not even want to waste their attention monitoring allied ability cooldowns). Not to mention the fact that the fight can be (and often is) split up across more than 1 screen, rendering it actually impossible to keep track of all allies and enemies cooldowns at the same time.
  3. If players often don't know their allies ability cooldowns (for reasons given in point 2), the game is often just a random mess of doing your own thing and hoping your allies haven't wasted their spells off your screen 5 seconds ago and can follow up. This randomness is BAD for a competitive game. Especially for tank players who see an opportunity, it is really stupid to not know whether your allies have their spells ready, and to go in fingers crossed knowing that if you guessed wrong, you just threw the game but if you guessed right you won the game.
  4. Allowing to see allied ability cooldowns RAISES the game's skillcap rather than lowers it. Low level players don't even ATTEMPT to keep track of cooldowns (just like they don't even bother seeing allied or enemy talents/heroics taken etc). For them, the game is characterised by complete randomness. At random times, random allies will have random spells ready, but none of it is in their heads, they're just doing their own little thing. Giving good players who want to keep track of allied ability cooldowns a way to do so would raise the game's skillcap. Otherwise, the game would be the same random clusterfuck for good players and bad players alike. Bad players will still go into fights without checking whether teammates spells are ready (I mean, bad players go into fights without even seeing if their teammates are on the same half of the map or without even realising it is a 4v5). But good players can actually make calculated decisions on whether and when to make plays, based on knowledge of allied cooldowns (instead of playing stupid guessing games, or just playing randomly like bad players)
  5. If it were a valid argument that keeping track of allied cooldowns were a skill, by that logic, we should also remove the ability to see allied heroic cooldowns (hint: not a good idea)
  6. Quite honestly, keeping track of cooldowns is just a tedious and not very fun thing to do. There are many other things to do, keeping track of positioning, stutter stepping, casting your spells at the right time on the right targets at the right angle etc etc. I don't think players need the additional burden of having to remember which ally casted which spell at which time and when it will be ready again. It is just TEDIOUS


As for the objection that the UI might become cluttered, I'm pretty sure there are ways to do it so it won't clutter the UI. Also, it could be an option whether to enable seeing allied ability cooldowns or not.

A possibility is to only enable all allied cooldowns to be visible when you select the allied hero (like when you select them you can see their hp and attack damage etc). Another possibility is to have it below their portrait at the top of the screen (this second possibility might cause a bit of visual clutter though)

By the way, dota 2 allows you to see all allied ability and item cooldowns at all times. It just makes way more sense and makes the game more skillbased rather than a random guessing game of (oh man I hope my ally can follow up but I don't have a clue).


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