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Of the Nexus’ original “realms”, which do you want them to explore more in the future?

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Of the Nexus' original "realms", which do you want them to explore more in the future?

I very much enjoy HOTS' original worlds. I like the "alternate" skins (i.e. Holy Diablo or Terran Probius, etc.) and like franchises mixing ones (Sakura omnic Auriel) as well, but I think the real "magic" of the nexus lies within the new worlds that have been conjured in it. I think they are the most "fun" part of the Nexus' lore. The original realms of King's Crest, Luxoria, and Mistharbor were a great start to see characters in ways. I would like to see more of the characters re-imagined in these worlds.

I dig the Paramilitary Viper Ascendant and Resistance (Viper-verse?) that draws influences from the likes of Rambo, A-Team, Command & Conquer, GI Joe, and gives it an injection of Blizzard magic. Furthermore, I think so many Blizzard characters could easily become agents of Viper or heroes of the resistance. Maybe even some third faction as that has yet to emerge. Would love to see some non-humanoid characters incorporated in that realm. Also, The Viper-verse looks like something that would play on the action block of Toonami.

Speaking of Toonami, MechaStorm. It is a fantastic homage to mecha anime that I think has a ton potential. A lot of the groundwork has already been laid too. MechaStorm's collection of portraits and sprays show off a lot of the designs of the characters I'd love to see. The pilot portraits all look wonderful I would love to see more Mecha versus Xenotech in the future. There are so many sprays that feature mecha versions of characters it just gets me excited about seeing full versions of them.


I think that Caldeum Complex is technically a part of the same realm as MechaStorm. Perhaps in a different part world I don't know, but I do know it's pretty slick. The neon soaked Shadowrun look is great. It's somewhat generically cyberpunk, but it's at the very least visually interesting. Again the portraits and sprays tease at a lot of interesting designs and potential skins. There are so many potential factions in this realm I don't even know who I would want to see and in what form, I mean that in a good way of course. Though my only complaint with it is that is shares a bit too much visual similarity to the "Superheroes vs Eternal Empire" but that's just me (again, another thing I could totally see on Toonami, I'm seeing a trend here.).

The final one I'd like to highlight is The Scarlet Heist. This one I really like because it reminds me a lot of "The Goon" comics. Also, I think that 1920's American prohibition era could give way to just more 1920-y versions of characters. I'm certain there a ton of ways to build up new visual designs of blending the fantastical elements of Blizzard characters and the roaring 20's.

Not to say that the other aren't good or interesting I just wanted to share the three I enjoy the most. I think the overall best thing to come out of the Nexus' realms have been the original characters. From Blackheart to Qhira, HOTS' original creations are splendid. I think the HOTS team has done a great job creating new worlds. I would love to see any of them expanded upon.

Which ones do you most enjoy? What character would you like to emerge from one of the many realms of the Nexus?

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