Heroes of the Storm

Offering free coaching to anyone that needs it

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Offering free coaching to anyone that needs it

Hi all!

I'm ClemClementine and I'm a low Masters NA player. I'm here to offer free coaching to anyone that needs it. I'm currently around 500 Masters, and my highest was around 2300 a year or so ago. I take part in offering replay diagnoses to my friends who play this game on the regular, on my discords and gaming groups, and I wanted to offer the same to anyone on reddit as well. I also help run charity tournaments for this game and hope to run more in the future.

This isn't for "Getting to Top 100!" or, "Bronze to Masters!". This is squarely for getting some really basic advice, using very basic strategy, to get you to notice where you can improve whether you are bronze or diamond. Far too often there are people out there who just want help to get better at the game, to join their friends who play at a higher rank, or just get advice from a 3rd party. I also feel most of the coaching I've seen can be intimidating because it's offering high level strategies that might be a bit too far out of reach right at the start of getting better. Also this coaching is totally free with no promotion to anything. The benefit for me is to get better at helping people play this game that I love so very much, and to personally succeed at becoming more of a coach figure.

How I can coach you:

  1. You can send me 3 replays of yours to diagnose. My email is [email protected]. You can find your Hots replays by opening Heroes of the Storm, clicking "Watch" at the top, and there is a folder icon that will show you where they are located.

  2. Send me some information about yourself. Be sure to include your current rank, what rank you want to achieve after this coaching, what position you normally play, what characters you normally play, and your personal goal. Your personal goal could be something like, "My partner plays in ranked and I want to at least know what I'm doing.", or, "I'm hard stuck in Gold and I want to know why."

  3. I'll review the replays and write a word document on my notes and thoughts on how to better your gameplay. I'll try to be as exact as possible, jotting down timestamps and how to improve at each part of the game. I'm also down for talking one on one if that helps as well.

Any feedback you have of my reviews is welcome and you can send me a direct message on discord, reddit, or email. With the revitalization we are having, the new tournaments sprouting, I think people should get into the game and I'm here to help you play more competitively.

Discord – Clem#7378 Email – [email protected]

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