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HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Oh Hogger....

I watched him played in PTR and couldn't wait to get my hands on my most anticipated hero release ever. After playing several games with him I'm floored by how clunky and undertuned his kit is. I thought maybe it was just me so I tuned into my favorite streamer (FanHots) last night to see how he was faring with Hogger and ironically his stream title was "Maybe Hogger is F tier" and by the time I shut the stream off he was declared by Fan the worst Hero in the game. What I'd like to do is provide some points where I think Hogger can be improved upon:

  1. By far my #1 complaint and what I've heard from others is that Hogger's Rage takes too long to build and decays way too fast. It decays so fast that it's impossible to go from one lane to another (double soak) and still have half a bar of rage without the level 1 Rage talent or having something to fight along the way. The mechanic across the board as to how fast it's accrued and decays needs to be buffed probably at least twofold or the mechanic changed to provide another benefit and the CDR and E damage possibly moved to some other part of his kit.
  2. His Q and W feel slow and clunky. His W is hard to hit vs good players. His E is definitely the coolest part of his kit but aside from using it to escape it's really too reliant on RNG to be used in a fight unless you're in a straight and narrow choke and are able to line it up perfectly. I was both saddened and hopeful when I saw the nerfs to Dust Devil and No Control because usually a hero isn't nerfed before live release unless they are too powerful, but after playing many games with Hogger it's now clear that was really unnecessary. I was pretty excited to try the Dust Devil with the No Control combo but I guess it was a bug because it doesn't work anymore and I'm with Fan when he says that No Control is a really bad talent, possibly one of the worst Storm talents at 20, without the armor.
  3. When I first read through Hogger's PTR patch notes what immediately jumped out at me was the possibility of a really good AA build. The build I was most excited for was (1) On the Prowl, (4) Brute Force, (7) Seeing Red, (13) Bloodthirst, (16) Furzerker, and (20) Anger Management. It didn't take long to see that Hogger's AAs are very slow (Like Stukov slow almost minus the hitting like a truck). Seeing Red doesn't help and neither does Anger Management because it goes back to my #1 complaint that Hogger's rage mechanic is too unreliable right now. I think Hogger needs a buff to his attack speed and unless his rage is buffed accordingly then Seeing Red should at the very least provide it's attack speed bonus passively.
  4. Again while I was initially reading through Hogger's PTR patch notes I was struck by how uninspired his Shockwave ultimate was. Don't get me wrong here! It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping out of my seat and screaming with excitement because I couldn't believe we were getting Hogger and the rest of his kit sounded so cool! But I immediately thought "wait, that's Sundering." Unfortunately it feels slow as well and it's not as good as Sundering. I just think the dev team really missed a big opportunity here and could've given him something else to further diversify him.
  5. Maybe this could've been added in with the complaint on Rage but activating On the Prowl should not dismount Hogger. Another frustrating thing for me was clearing a lane and heading to another lane I'd activate On the Prowl to attempt to save some of my rage but it would dismount me! That wastes so much time and further exacerbates the issues with Hogger's Rage mechanic.

Those are the issues that have come to mind while typing this up. Hogger right now feels so unimpactful and I've felt useless in many games. I made this in hopes that a dev would read it and take action. Also, that many of you would as well would be inspired to speak up about your thoughts of Hogger.

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