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OK, Singapore, you guys need to tone down the salt

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - OK, Singapore, you guys need to tone down the salt

I've played in US, ANZ and SG and SG is by FAR the most salty region. It's really harassing and I'm getting to the point where I am thinking about just queuing with only ANZ (from Perth, SG and ANZ are the same distance, so I often queue best match), so your rude attitudes are about to discourage someone from playing on your region.

I have no idea what's going on, but I get far more harassment – especially in games when it's clear that I'm a woman – than I do on ANZ and it's seriously getting depressing. Last night I played my main and there was some salt. Tonight, I played my alt, who has a feminine name, and I've been harassed every game.

Why are you guys this hostile, especially to women?

Edit: Sidenote, ANZ is kinda the best region. There are 2 known trolls (KgBloodgod and Xplicit) but everyone else is just like hey, mate, it's good, do your best, we've got your back (maybe because we've dealt with those trolls so much :p)

Sorry if this isn't PC, but my gameplay experience as a woman is much worse in Singapore than it is on ANZ or US West.

Edit2: Some fun chats from the last game: "Slut" and "go get anal raped" and requests for my IG

Edit3: It's a bit wild how people will defend this type of behavior.

Edit4: I won't be bullied out of my own thread. Deal with it.

Edit5: Damn a lot of y'all seem to feel personally attacked.. Consider this a moment for reflection, not reaction.

Edit6: To clarify, I get this stuff on other servers too, it just is more common on SG. I'm sick of having to take a "toughen up princess" mentality into gaming. I play games to have fun, not to be harassed or made to feel bad for my gender. It's absurd that my post is coming from extreme examples of this (because it happens, full stop, to women) and it (and me) is still being attacked. Imagine if I had posted talking about HOTS in general :/

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