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One of the most infuriating things about the Brack & Gresko letter

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - One of the most infuriating things about the Brack & Gresko letter

They can't cut the bullshit and just tell us exactly what the reason for the cancellation is and the real rationale behind it. They can't just come out and say "sorry, we thought it would make us more money than it did and we can't sustain it." They can only say what decisions were made, not a word about WHY they were made. And I find myself thinking "well of course they can't say that outright."

And then I think, "wait, why the fu*k not though?" The standard thinking is that a corporation or company can't just come out and say "oops, we aren't making enough money from this to continue" because that's showing weakness, and it would hurt the reputation of the company.

The problem with that kind of thinking should be pretty fu*king obvious to everyone right now considering a post mocking their PR bullshit language just became the highest-awarded thread I've EVER seen on Reddit period. I think the damage was done anyway, Mr. Brack.

EDIT: another thing is, it fuels speculation about the rationale. Of course, we know that the reason is based on $$$, that much is a no-brainer. But was HGC cancelled because:

A. It was making money, just not quite as much as they wanted

B. It was barely breaking even


C. It was so in the red it was clearly business suicide to continue in any way, shape or form


If the answer was really C, and you just came forward and TOLD everyone that and did it early, so much of this backlash could have been avoided. Even NOW if you came forward and said "look, we know you guys are upset, but look at this damn balance sheet, we couldn't afford it, OK?" that would assuage a lot of the grief and anger. But no, you can't tell us that. You're the company and we're just the plebs who are stuck with your decisions.

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The other possibility is that the answer was A or B, in which case this community would NOT have accepted this decision, and we are speculating that this is why you aren't telling us – because the answer would only enrage us further.

Take a lesson from this if you can. Honesty is the best policy. Don't hold your audience at arm's length like they're a bunch of children and you can't tell them about the realities of life or business for fear it would crush their innocence. You're only adding insult to injury. Treat your player base like the friends and colleagues they are (or used to be) and LEVEL with them. And next time, do it sooner rather than later.

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