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One possible way to fix Samuro’s toxicity

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - One possible way to fix Samuro's toxicity

The idea is simple: Image Transmission will now only work on Images that have Advancing Strikes currently active.

For those that are unaware, Advancing Strikes is the passive component of Samuro's trait, that grants him or any individual Image 25% movement speed for 2s upon landing a basic attack on an enemy hero.

This change has several positives, but some clear negatives:


  • Overwhelming safety is (rightfully) brutally nerfed
  • Samuro's escaping mechanisms would gain much needed counterplay.
  • Improved design space would allow for tweaking that creates new playstyles that can actually take risks to attain rewards, instead of the current black & white "safe or dead".
  • Any chance for stupid macro shenanigans are fully gone, except those that are tied to interactions with enemy heroes (which, in my personal opinion, is fair and balanced to have).
  • Because of the above point, Image duration can finally be bumped back up to the original 18s, which allowed for complex strategical PvP Illusion Master plays that current Samuro is largely unable to do.
  • As a consequence of the above, Samuro would once again become relatively decent at taking Mercenary camps, and Image micro skills would once again be relevant in these (currently they are not)
  • Hearth Tricks are, for the most part, gone; only doable should Samuro stick a clone into an enemy hero (AKA, they have counter play and a risk factor for Samuro, which makes them balanced and cuts on the BS).
  • Thanks to the above, Wind Walk's heal component could be buffed into being actually relevant out of combat sustain.
  • Cuts down on all the problematic aspects of Image Transmission, but leaves the good things.


  • Unintuitive design.
  • Difficult to convey and explain to players.

While few in numbers, these drawbacks are already fairly undesirable by themselves, let alone together.


Yet one cannot ignore that this change fixes almost every large design flaw that Samuro currently possesses.

It is worth noting, however, that a rework to Advancing Strikes that more clearly conveys its functionality could indirectly fix these concerns.

I feel that overall this would be a very good step in a direction that allows the things that make Samuro awesome to be buffed, while leaving behind the things that cause high amounts of frustration, both for Samuro players as well as for the enemy team.

Though this is but one possible solution, the core problem remains that Image Transmission is the center ability that causes so many problems. Because currently, any type of buff that allows proficient offensive usage either breaks his safety even more (send a clone back, swap to it to be safe) or allows Samuro to break the macro game.

Those two qualities need to be eliminated somehow in order for Samuro to finally be able to become the high damage assassin he is meant to be.

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