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Orphea Talent Rebalancing Suggestions

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Orphea Talent Rebalancing Suggestions

Hi, I've been thinking of ways to rebalance Orphea to improve her talent/playstyle diversity. Feedback/discussion welcome.

En Pointe

Bonus damage reduced to 70%

(In general, Orphea is a bit too strong in the early game, which these changes to her lv 1 talents should tone down.)

Ancestral Strength

Hitting disabled enemies still generates extra chaos but doesn't provide extra damage. Instead, hitting an enemy slowed by Dread with a basic ability does 20% more damage.

(One thing I have issue with is how much of a no brainer Orphea combos with CC. Not only is it vastly easier to hit CC'd targets, you get significantly rewarded for it? Instead of turning Orphea into a followup bot, I rather buff other talents, promoting skillfull playstyles where Orphea lands her abilities on dodging enemies.)


Hitting an enemy hero with the end of Shadow Waltz sets its cooldown to 1 second.

Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Shadow Waltz by 1 second

(Really one of those "sounds better on paper" talents. Between auto attacks, other abilities, and aiming, it's difficult to make use of the 1 second cooldown. Plus it's absolutely useless if you miss a Q. Considering all the other lv 4 talents offer some form of survivability / self-peel, this is modest and safe buff. Also fits the flavour.)


If an enemy hero is hit by Chomp, set its CD to 2 seconds and refund 30 mana.

Each enemy hero hit by Chomp reduces the cooldown of Shadow Waltz by 1.5 seconds.

(Insatiable differs from the other quests in that it offers no PVE benefits. Insatiable currently only offers raw dps (which is high-risk and greatly falls off later game compared to its competing quests). I propose to give it some dynamic utility. I don't think Q CDR will overpowered because it takes concentration/skill to make use of the Q.)

Abyssal Symbioss:

Each enemy hero hit with chomp grants 2 extra chaos. Any overflow chaos generated from Chomp instantly heals Orphea for 44 (+4% / level) hp each. (This overflow chaos does not count as chaos consumed for the purposes of Eldritch Conduit)


(Removes the numerous problems with unavoidable wasted chaos and incentivizes those big chomps. Original idea by Senshado: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/a152gl/improving_orpheas_weak_talents/)

Bonds of Anguish

Additional Effect:

Passive: Shadow Waltz does 20% more damage. (note: as with all damage buffs, stacks additively with En Pointe and spell power)

(This talent is decent for draining tanks, but is rather weak otherwise. Orphea has no Q damage increasing talents besides En pointe, making Q's damage underwhelming at many stages in the game. Landing a Q on a nimble assassin should be rewarded.)

Dead Magic:

Basic attacks only ignores positive armor. Secondary splash damage increased from 115 to 143 (+4%/level)

(It's a niche and slightly risky talent to use, so let's make it less conditional and buff the aoe damage so it's potentially worth micro'ing for.)

Eldritch Conduit

Damage per stack reduced to 2.5%, total maximum bonus lowered to 50%.

(This talent is carrying too much of Orphea's late game power budget, and is overshadowing Final Tocatta)

Final Tocatta

Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds. For such a hard ability (and risky to use it offensively, since after you miss you have no escape), it's unconditional 30 sec CD makes it actually less available then Orphea's competitive lv 20 talents (Her Engulfing Oblivion can generate resets and Eldritch Conduit has a generous 10 second time window). This change should allow a player to get two attempts at the ability during a moderate length teamfight.

TLDR: Nerfed Orphea's CC followup damage, reworked W talents to make them competitive, buffed her lv 16 talent tier. Eldritch Conduit nerfed, buffs and support to make Final Tocatta viable.

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