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Orphea’s talent tree is still pretty skewed

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Orphea's talent tree is still pretty skewed

Since HotS has nothing happening at BlizzConline, the devs should be hanging around the sub checking out new topics, right?!

I'm kidding. Kinda.

When I came back to the game last April, I spent my first chunk of earned gold on Orphea, because I thought she was weird. It turns out that I usually enjoy playing her, but I've found that she becomes kind of monotonous more often than most, largely because her playstyle doesn't- and really can't -vary at all. Her Trait build is basically her only viable build, which means that she does the same things over and over, because almost none of the talents that would bring variation to her abilities are viable.

This is especially notable in the case of Dread. I know that the devs have been trying to buff it to make it workable, but let's just face the facts: Dread is an awful ability. It's too slow. Consequently, it's easily avoidable and even when you do land a hit with the eruption, it doesn't do enough damage to make it feel like you've accomplished anything. I honestly think the ability simply needs to be redesigned. Icy Veins refers to it as her "filler" ability. Last time I checked, most "filler" abilities don't have a 14(!) second CD, so that's not really a proper label to begin with. But every Basic ability in the game with a CD that long has massively greater impact than anything that Dread has ever done.


You can see this and the trait build issue in the pick rates at the sites that track these things, like Heroes Profile. The only Dread talent that has higher than a single-digit pick rate is Mind Devourer. At almost all tiers, the trait talent is picked more than the alternatives by at least a 2-to-1 margin (in most cases, more like a 10-to-1 margin compared to the Dread talents.) That means she ends up being kind of a one-trick pony. Hit the Q and W combo and AA and you're golden. Don't and you're just the shortest-range ranged assassin in the game. The one exception to this is at 13, where Invasive Miasma isn't picked because a) it's like Dread in that you're hitting a button that doesn't do much and b) Abyssal Symbiosis almost functions like a Trait talent, since it gives you max Chaos, which is what you want for every other talent that is assigned directly to her trait.

So, at the base level, I think something needs to be done with Dread that will make Orphea function in a different way from what she does now. Make it faster? Make the eruption root so that there's a real consequence to not avoiding it? Seriously lower the CD even if you have to (sigh) lower the damage to something even more pathetic than what it currently is? I'm open to suggestions. But she needs three workable abilities to drag people (like me) away from playing her solely for Chaos.

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