Heroes of the Storm

Over-tuning your HIGHLORD was bold, yet unwise.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Over-tuning your HIGHLORD was bold, yet unwise.

We all see what the hubris of buffing the highlord has wrought, Terrans. The Lvl. 4 buffs to Show of Force and in smaller fashion Chaos Reigns provide too much synergy with Lvl. 1 Ruthless Momentum. And with S Tier power, comes unacceptable numbers of bans in storm league.

My Alarak hero level is now 501 so you could say I know him well. Though I fear my Highlord’s wrath, I must admit I see the nerf hammer coming. I’m writing not to stop any nerfs, but hopefully to have a part in the conversation about what, if anything must be done. Perma-ban status for a hero meant to be successfully playable by only the most skilled is… Unacceptable. The main problem IMO is Ruthless Momentum at LVL 1, which I love of course, but I suspect those who would ban the Highlord find it too oppressive.

Ruthless Momentum is exceedingly fun and true Highlords give thanks for the pseudo return of "Quick Mind" to the game after a fashion. It is a great ability which I lobbied to have return to his kit and I still very much believe should remain. However making it available from minute zero has the effect of allowing unskilled supplicants to *Miss thier W – and quickly try again* All. Game. Long. Alarak has no tolerance for those who MISS!!!!

O ascendants, such great power must be earned. Might I suggest a Lvl. 1 quest where the CDR on Ruthless Momentum is unlocked by the Highlords skill throughout the game, not by help from… bleh… the team's pathetic healer. (Who can barely keep him above 75% health.)


Here is one quest suggestion – Repeatable Quest: Hit enemy heroes with Telekinesis on 5 casts without missing. Reward: Reduce Telekensis cooldown by one second. Maximum reduction 6 seconds. Self-casting on Alarak does not count as a miss.

The fastest this quest could be completed, using the ability on cooldown and never self-casting would be 4 min 45 seconds and would require Alarak to hit 30 times without missing. My guess is that it will be extremely difficult to complete at all in most games, but the number of casts could be increased of course.

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As for Lvl. 4 talents, Show of Force and Chaos Reigns… Alarak did not realize he could grow more powerful… for good reason. In the right hands, Alarak has been a terror in the Nexus since his rework, nay, since he arrived! Maybe they should be reigned in a bit. I thought they were strong before being buffed, but who am I to say…

Several months ago this Alarak (me) posted "Your Highlord demands the return of Quick Mind". I shall allow myself a moment of softness here and say: Our wonderful, amazing, love-them-forever developers made me feel that my voice really mattered. First they responded to my post (thank you BlizzAZJackson!!!) And then they granted my wish by changing Ruthless Momentum's CDR effect to return the 6 second Telekinesis to the game. This was one of my happiest moments of 2019, because I really felt empowered, that my voice mattered. Thank you developers, you made my favorite game of all time and you continue to make it better every day. Thank you. Thank. You.

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