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Paragon System – Make soaking make sense!

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Paragon System - Make soaking make sense!

So, I've seen a few posts lately trying to find ways to introduce soaking to newer players, and to make them understand their importance, here's my peanut gallery suggestion.

Taken right from Diablo, I'd like to share my in-game system idea.

Goals: To allow good players on bad teams have more impact on the game. To help drive home the idea that soaking is a good thing, and just ignoring lanes, and not soaking will make you and your team fall further behind.

What: The Paragon system is literally the same from Diablo 3. The way it works is you gain a paragon point every 1,000 experience you earn/ soak. So if you have 4,125 experience, you would have 4 paragon points to spend. This is like the reward from farming gold in League of Legends. If you fall behind in lane (xp/ gold in LoL) you fall behind in individual power.

Each paragon point can then be spent to increase specific stats.

The Paragon system should be viewable from the Tab score screen. Just like talents you’ll be able to see your opponents paragon talent allocation. Once you place the points where you want, you then have to hit an “Apply” button to receive the benefits. You cannot reset paragon points, the exact same as talents.

You can allocate points to:

Increased overall damage reduction (0.5% per point, max 5%)

Increased physical armor (1% per point, max 10%)

Increased spell armor (1% per point, max 10%)

Increased HP & health regeneration (1% per point, max 10%)

Increased secondary resource & Mana Regeneration (1% per point, max 10%)

Movement speed (0.5% per point, max 5%)

Increased attack speed (1% per point, max 10%)

Increased attack damage (1% increase of total AD per point, max 10%)

Increased spell damage (1% increase of total ability power per point, max 10%)


The highest paragon level is 30, with each stat only being able to be increased a maximum of 10 times. With 9 different areas to increase, it will never be possible to max out every paragon stat, so knowing where to spend your points and if evenly distributing them, or funnelling them into 3 stats will allow for different strategies and builds (this also assumes your able to soak to 30k each game, most of the games i've seen get around 10-15k or even lower)

The hope is that a player who has been a rock in a solo lane for their team, getting structures and solo kills, can show up to a team fight even if their team is down, and not feel like they are as weak as their losing team. Akin to other MOBAs where one fed player can help balance out a losing team fight, the paragon system hopes to achieve something similar along those lines, but in keeping with the design philosophy that Heroes Of the Storm is like other MOBAs, but really not the same at all.

This is hopefully a better teaching method for newer players to soak more, and know to get back to lane and controlling the map is better than constantly going after kills. It magnifies the fact that if you keep uselessly fighting and dying, while the other team can allocate Heroes/ players else where on the map you are in a losing position, and need to do something different.

The initial stats for the Paragon system here maybe on the low side (or maybe to high,) but the point is to find another way to reward players for soaking. A more individualized, meaningful way to say "You need to get XP" that literally translates to making your Hero stronger. These numbers can be tweaked as necessary, and for heroes like Abathur, the paragon bonuses will get applied to his hat target, not himself.

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