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Partial Hero Concepts

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Partial Hero Concepts

It's just a list of partial concepts I've accumulated over the years where I have one or two unrefined mechanical concepts I need feedback on, not the rest of the kit. Obviously the ability changes in context of the kit but mainly what I'm looking for is a)is the ability fundamentally flawed in some way and b)what kind of playstyle/kit do you think this ability supports/would support this ability?

Antonidas, the Archmage of Dalaran – Ranged Support

D – Brilliance – Whenever Antonidas uses a basic or heroic ability, nearby allied heroes recover 10% of the mana he spent on that ability and 10% of that ability's cooldown.

R2 – Forbiddance – After 0.75 seconds of channelling, create a large area warded by magic, centered on Antonidas. This area deals massive damage to enemy heroes, and slows enemy heroes’ move and attack speed by 95%. The damage and slow is divided between enemy heroes within the zone. The ward lasts for up to eight seconds as long as Antonidas channels. 70s cooldown.

Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish – Melee Assassin

Level 1 Talent: Hero Killer – Repeatable Quest: Whenever Andariel gets a takedown, steal 10% of that hero's quest stacks. Reward: Andariel deals +0.1% more damage with all attacks and abilities for each quest stack she has stolen this way.

Pharah – Ranged Assassin

R2 – Air Support: Passive: Pharah permanently gains Mercy. Mercy is not directly controlled and instead follows Pharah around and slowly heals her. Mercy counts as a secondary hero(like Misha), gives XP, and respawns shortly if killed. Active: Air Support can be reactivated to toggle Mercy’s heal and damage boost. Damage boost increases all of Pharah’s damage by 15%. 5s cooldown.

The Shudderwock – Melee Bruiser

D – Burbling – A targeted allied or enemy hero within range uses the last basic ability they used, in the same direction and range relative to their current position. This ability use doesn't cost mana or any other resource, and is independent of their cooldowns. 90s cooldown.

Professor Putricide – Ranged Healer

R1 – Crime Against Nature – Putricide summons a mutated abomination near him. This abomination can be damaged but takes no actions until piloted(like a map vehicle) by another allied hero. The abomination lasts twenty seconds before collapsing if not piloted, and lasts sixteen seconds once piloted. Its attacks are strong and fast, and its only ability is its Q – Digestive Spray – Spray a cone of acid, dealing damage, slowing, and reducing the armor of enemies within it by 15. The pool lasts for three seconds. 5s cooldown. Abomination itself has a 120s cooldown.


Sneed, the Shredder Pilot – Tank

D – Slash and Burn – All of Sneed's damaging abilities remove all bushes, steam vents, and similar map features from their area of effect for eight seconds. Slash and Burn can be activated to toggle it on and off.

Duriel, the Prince of Pain – Melee Bruiser

D – Prince of Pain – Active: Duriel becomes unstoppable for one second and he gets -10 armor for four seconds. 10s cooldown.

Cthun Cultist – Ranged Assassin

D – The Stars Are Right – Passive: Quest: Get three takedowns. Quest: Kill twenty minions. Quest: Collect eight regen orbs. Incomplete quests are reset if the Cultist is killed. Reward: Once all three quests are completed, The Stars Are Right can now be activated to summon Cthun and reset all of the quests. Cthun temporarily replaces a fort or crater and blasts its lane with the power of the old gods, dealing heavy damage to all units and structures. Cthun's health burns away over sixty seconds.

Moreina, the D1 Rogue – Ranged Assassin

D – Sneak Attack! – While she is unseen by any enemy, Moreina recovers mana twice as fast, and her basic and heroic abilities cool down 150% faster. If she gains invisibility through an outside effect, she counts as unseen. (Has the secondary function of alerting her to the fact the enemy team can see her, even if she wouldn't otherwise be notified, such as being seen by an invisible enemy.)

Skeleton Archer – Ranged Assassin

D – Eternal War – Passive: Once the gates open, the Skeleton’s HP burns away when out of combat(hasn’t attacked or taken damage in the last four seconds). The Skeleton awards 1/4 XP on death. Active: Set an allied fort, keep, the core, the hall of storms, or an enemy crater as the Skeleton’s rally point. Twelve seconds after dying, the Skeleton respawns from that rally point. 0s cooldown.

Q – Necrotic Thirst – Passive: The Skeleton heals for 50% of all damage it deals, doubled against heroes. Active:

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