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Party Size vs Win Rate in my Storm Leagues before and after the Party Size changes!

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Party Size vs Win Rate in my Storm Leagues before and after the Party Size changes!


In the Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes — April 17 we read:

The party size of enemies will no longer be shown during the match loading screen.

Removed all party-size restrictions during the matchmaking process.

Developer Comment: These changes should help address both queue times for certain party sizes while also removing the pre-game bias that forms when facing parties of players that may be larger than your own. In order to ensure fair matches are created, one of the variables used to determine whether a match has an acceptable win probability is the party size. In the event the party sizes across both teams aren't equal (<5>vs<1-1-1-1-1> for example), other variables will be weighted differently to make sure the match created is balanced. One example of this is that a team of <5> may have a lower MMR vs a team of <1-1-1-1-1> to help balance out the advantage.

You can find all relevant statistics about all my personal Storm League games, before and after the mentioned changes, below.


Party Size Score Games Win Rate
1 5-13 18 27%
2 22-13 35 63%
3 14-10 24 58%
4 12-9 21 57%
5 8-8 16 50%
Any 61-53 114 53%


Party Size Score Games Win Rate
1 23-22 45 51%
2 23-14 37 62%
3 11-7 18 61%
4 8-6 14 57%
5 4-5 9 44%
Any 69-54 123 55%


I feel like removing the Party Size restrictions (eg. 1-1-1-1-1 Team with 3000 MMR can't play against 3-2 Team with 2500 MMR unless the queues get long enough) from the matchmaking gave it more room to operate properly. As a consequence, they decided to hide the Party Size for the enemy Team. It's a good trade, in my opinion.


I think we could get the same benefit if the Rank restrictions (eg. Diamond 4 with 2000 MMR can't play with Platinum 2 with 2000 MMR unless the queues get long enough) gets removed from the matchmaking too. As a consequence, people will complain about mixed Ranks, but we can't hide Ranks and people complain anyways. Just go for it then?

Solo Queue

I know the sample size for Solo Queue before the changes isn't big enough, but these games were so awful that I didn't want to test them more. Does my bad feeling while playing them count as relevant data too? I think so.

Now I play Solo Queue more often and the games feel good. I don't know what else they changed, because I read the matchmaking balance itself over time somehow, but the changes above probably did something.


Someone will probably mention that hiding the Party Size made me focus on the game rather than complaining about the Parties imbalance, but I actually knew my enemies were in big Parties while we weren't for most games because: I could use the whisper to see that until a week ago, I have them as Friend, I met them before, they are streaming, I know they always play together, and things like that.


Ignoring the statistics, that could be wrong due to the small sample size, I like the changes based on how I feel while playing Solo Queue, something I really miss after Hero League is gone.

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