Heroes of the Storm

Petition to bring HGC Back, support the cause!

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Petition to bring HGC Back, support the cause!

I have started a petition to bring back the HGC to support those who built the community of HoTS, Link below. I know that its near impossible for a petition to actually do anything but i just wanted to a way for us to show support for the HGC and the community but we cant if we dont try. https://www.change.org/p/blizzard-entertainment-bring-heroes-of-the-storm-hgc-back?recruiter=453529718&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

When Heroes of the Storm was announced I was ecstatic and couldnt wait to get my hands on it. When I first saw and played it at Blizzcon 2013 I immediately loved the game along with so many others, fighting as the many beloved heroes and villains that we have grown to love and hate since the beginning of the cherished Blizzard Universe.

Over the years we have enjoyed watching and playing Heroes of the Dorm tournaments, HoTS Esports events (before and during the HGC), as well as just playing casually with friends. The Heroes of the Dorm tournaments have profoundly affected the lives of college students across the country through the charity of Blizzard. Thanks to the HoTS esports scene and community we have all met countless people and made life long friends who we continue to play with today.

The news of the cancellation of HGC 2019 was incredibly disheartening for the many incredible fans both new and old that show a strong passion for the game. Every year after the epic grand finals of the HGC at Blizzcon we count down the days until the HGC starts back up so that we can support our favorite teams and enjoy the inspiring talent of the world's best HoTS teams. To now know that those experiences are gone is frustrating but more so, heartbreaking.


I cant even imagine the level of frustration from all those who have built their livelihoods around the game. Content Creators, casters, pro players, coaches and others are among the hundreds of people to have a rug pulled out from underneath them just days before the Christmas holidays. These people were the pillar of the HoTS community and many feel they have been severely mistreated. They were told at Blizzcon that the HGC would return in 2019 with equal or more funding. They made preparations to work HGC 2019, some moving across countries, leaving families over the holidays, countless hours of practice, self funding not to mention those individuals in the Crucible who earned a spot in the 2019 HGC season and realized the dreams they have worked so hard for.

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For these wonderful people, who have given so much of their lives to HoTS to be told of the cancellation on the same day as the rest of us is disrespectful and should be made right.

I am asking not just the fans of HoTS, but everyone through all of Blizzard's universe, those who play other MOBAs, those who play video games, those who believe in fair treatment of employees, to show their support for hard working talented people who worked with Blizzard in the HoTS scene to sign this petition and invoke the responsible action from Blizzard Entertainment and Activision to bring back the HGC.

I know there are many wonderful people over at Blizzard Entertainment who are just as sad and heartbroken as the community over the cancellation of the HGC and I hope that you all join the community as well and support the cause. Its time for us to show our support and give back to the amazing people who built the HoTS community.

Happy Holidays Everyone,


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