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Pinging 2+ times is not toxic, but getting mad at pinging is toxic.

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Pinging 2+ times is not toxic, but getting mad at pinging is toxic.

To preface this, I'm not talking about the people that die then ping you a million times, I'm talking about pings that convey an actual message (Retreat, Defend, Assist Me, Take this Camp, Danger, On My Way, Ability cooldowns, Death Timers, Talent tier advantages…yes that's a ping.) Often these pings aren't directed at any teammate in particular, and are more for the benefit of the entire team or people in the area of the ping.

Pinging is a tool used for quick communication. You may have a quick reaction time, but for most people, a single ping gets missed in all the action going on, which is why it's important to ping at least twice for time-sensitive plays. This is something I learned from watching several HGC players back in the day, and the information still holds true. I believe it was a video by McIntyre where I first learned that you should be pinging at least twice if you actually want people to take notice of what you're saying. If you watch high level streams, you'll often see fairly liberal use of pings.

If you don't like the sound of pings or find it distracting, adjust your sound settings, or mute pings and get ganked by that Zeratul I said was heading your way. Perhaps you are just unfamiliar with how to quickly create all the pings, and are not used to their unique sounds. If you start typing and complaining about someone pinging 2-3x to start the Shaman camp on BoE at ~2:15, you're just trolling. If you want someone to stop pinging a camp or to defend a lane or whatever, actually start moving in that direction, or at the very least ping OMW. If someone pings something, and you think it's a really bad idea, ping Danger or Retreat. It takes like half a second to do a reply ping, don't be lazy.


You really shouldn't be surprised when someone continues to ping something if you and everyone else on the team just flat out ignores it. If someone is taking the time to signal using advanced pings, maybe you should at least consider what they're trying to say. There are much much easier ways to troll people than to be an off-laner spam-pinging Retreat! on the 4-man who is running into a 4v5, LVL 9 v 10, 20s before the objective spawns. This could be the most important moment of the entire match, and you guys are going to get murdered and potentially snowball to a loss if you don't take notice of that White Flag telling you to GTFO. And really, who's the real troll there: The person pinging repeatedly not to fight, or the 4 people that chose to ignore them and throw the game right then and there?

And let's not for one second pretend like 4-mans don't run into certain death on a regular basis, all because they didn't check team levels and count to five. They either have no idea why they got slaughtered, or worse, they blame the off-laner for not being at the fight, when the off-laner was busy making sure the team would have equal talent tiers in time for the objective.

With four other people on your team, there's a good chance one of them sees something that you missed, or knows a merc timing you're not familiar with. The average player does not queue up with the intention of pinging for the hell of it, so give someone the benefit of the doubt when they start pinging things.

Edit: For those that find pings to be too loud/grating, they fall under the "Interface Sounds" setting.

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