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Playing D.Va is a lot like playing Murky, except

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Playing D.Va is a lot like playing Murky, except
  • You don't have Q because it's replaced by D
  • You need to sacrifice a level 1 talent to be able to mount up
  • Your bubble doesn't make you invincible, only faster
  • You have talents to make you tankier but none for sustain
  • You don't regenerate health any faster
  • You give more XP to enemy when dying
  • In return your AA's do a lot of damage but it doesn't matter because you can't use them anyway.

You're a bruiser who can't duel anyone, can't solo lane or even take camps efficiently. You go in, lose HP, run away and wait for someone to heal you up. I know we like to joke about Chen (just like with Jimmy before), but at least Chen has a niche. All bruisers can solo lane and/or jungle/doublesoak. DVa has nothing – there's no situation where you would want her. Even Probe or Samuro have their uses. When playing DVa you never feel powerful or useful, while Murky becomes a menace in the late game.

  • Like Murky's puffer, DVa's matrix is her most impactful ablity and they're both conditional – can be easily cancelled by enemy. Except you can interrupt DVa's Q, explosion and mech too.
  • She has the biggest hitbox of all warriors while being permanently slowed and having no "normal" sustain.
  • Mech's DPS is same as Tyrael except he also has abilities and talents to amplify that. Mech at least has AoE.
  • Pilot and explosion do a ton of damage but only on paper – they're easily avoided.
  • And while the HP of 2 mechs + pilot is more than Chogall, it's only sometimes and only if your form changes were not interrupted AND only if you were not killed during the explosion timer.
  • Murky, Ragnaros and Alex have their traits on a separate key but DVa sacrifices a basic ability slot.

When creating heroes, devs say they think about what the roster lacks. Dva is one of the few heroes with damage reduction and the only one with it in her baseline kit. Matrix should be the reason to pick her but currently it's so clunky and inconsistent that it barely matters. It's easily avoided by mobility and negated by CC. Imagine if Tychus Q worked like the matrix – how goofy you would look, spraying the air every other time.

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