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Playing too safely and cautiously is a mistake just like playing too aggressively isn’t it?

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Playing too safely and cautiously is a mistake just like playing too aggressively isn't it?

I feel like if you play optimally you should push your hero to the limits and stop there. That would be perfect play. So playing too aggressively (overextending) is a mistake, playing too safely is also a mistake.

Unfortunately, most players only learn not to play too aggressively. When they play too aggressively, they die, they get pinged, they get flamed. Everyone notices a teammate's death. The guy who died feels really bad. The negative feedback is immense and the person quickly learns not to do it again.

But what about playing too safe? Just kinda derping around not achieving much. No one really notices that or points it out. Being just kinda there and kinda ineffective and kinda doing something but not really. No one calls you out on that, your teammates are too busy focusing on themselves to notice you derping around, and your teammates themselves are probably derping around too.

Best part is you never die. You're just ineffective. And there's no feedback telling you you're ineffective and contributed heavily to the loss. When the game ends, you bring up the stat screen. Wow you only have 0-1 deaths. Then you see another guy 5 deaths. You shake your head. Obviously that guy was the reason for the loss. "That guy is the reason I'm stuck in this rank, those feeders" you think to yourself. And go on repeating your own mistakes for the next few years.


You can see this everywhere. Players too scared to end core after a team wipe, instead they do mercs not even realising how much they're sabotaging themselves. Players too scared to invade enemy mercs when they have a player advantage or a talent advantage (then when their teammates invade and die, these passive players get to blame the players who died). Tanks playing passively, instead of actively scouting and providing value, these tanks are right there beside the ranged assassin helping the ranged assassin to clear the wave, contributing their 2 auto attacks (aka contributing nothing). Healers with minimap awareness can actually scout effectively too if they know e.g. only 2 heroes are missing and they can't die if they find both. But most healers are right there too, beside the ranged assassin, contributing their 2 auto attacks to clearing the minion wave (aka contributing nothing). Or players who can start an advantageous 5v4 fight because an enemy hero is showing opposite of map on minimap, but do nothing, waiting for someone else to take action.

I dno I feel like these are things that people will never learn because there's never any negative feedback for playing too passively/safely. If you play as a lucio and play super safe, you still do decent healing and have very low deaths. No one knows that you played extremely suboptimally the whole game, not even yourself. But if you play an aggressive lucio and constantly scout for your team, disrupt the enemy rotations, dismount the enemy team, harrass the enemy team, none of these show up on the statboard (you don't get much damage dealt stat from dismounting enemies, you will get damage taken stat that shows active participation but that stat was removed). In fact, lucios playing aggressively will die more often and they will get flamed by their teammates (despite the fact that the overall value generated from playing aggressively could far outweigh their deaths).

So yea, just some random thoughts, I don't want to argue with anyone, I don't really care if you disagree with me or not, this is not a topic I really care about, just something I observe in majority of the playerbase

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