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Please read Blizzard: Issues with Grandmaster point gains

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Please read Blizzard: Issues with Grandmaster point gains

Iksir ended last season at 24000 master points and #2. He placed around master 10000 this season. He has played 694 games this season and has won 65.8% of them. He has won 220 games more than he has lost this season. He now sits at 10700 master points. Yes, that’s correct. He has gained less than 1000 points the entire season despite winning 65.8% of his games over a ~700 game sample. How is this possible? It is because the point system is flawed and begins rewarding you less points for a win the higher up the ladder you go. Starting around 8000 master points you'll start getting less for a win that you used to. Around 11000 points you will receive 80-90 points for a win and 200 points for a loss. In order to consistently climb higher than 10800 points, you need to maintain a greater than 70% winrate. Despite being the best player on the ladder right now, he’s not able to do it.


This feature serves no purpose other than to negatively affect matchmaking and clamp MMRs. In essence, this suppresses Iksir’s true MMR. Someone who can maintain a 65% winrate at over 10k points is in reality worth somewhere around 16k master points (my estimate), however, the system treats him as being worth 10700 points. Therefore, he will continue to have a 65% winrate because he’s a player worth 16000 master points who’s being valued at 10700 in the system. Think about it this way. If you were a diamond 1 player but the system was treating you as having Plat 2 MMR, what would your winrate look like if you played plat 2 games all season and your MMR never increased because you were only winning 90 points/game and losing 200/game? This is exactly what’s occurring.



What’s the real harm of this? It hurts matchmaking for other GM/master players. If you queue up and Iksir is on the other team, and he’s proven to have a 65% winrate at the current points he’s at over a 700 game sample, you probably have around a 35-40% chance to win the game unless you have a player on your team who’s MMR is being suppressed in a similar manner. It's bad matchmaking essentially because the MMRs are being calculated incorrectly.


The good news is this is incredibly easy to fix. Remove whatever adjustment is in the mmr code that kicks in around master 7-8k that is serving as an MMR clamp. If you win a game with even MMR on both teams, you win 200 points. If you lose, you lose 200 points. Then, everyone can achieve their true MMR!


Maybe there’s something i’m missing, I look forward to the reddit comments.

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