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PLEASE rework Deathwing to be a bruiser (again) or rebrand him as a mage

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - PLEASE rework Deathwing to be a bruiser (again) or rebrand him as a mage

Here I come again from a streak of really terrible losses playing my main character, Deathwing.

I can almost guarantee everyone who is going to bash or downvote this post will immediately think of Deathwing's currently only viable spec, Heat Wave. Heat Wave works against certain comps, and when it doesn't, then what? I've covered in another thread some of the weaknesses he has in general, but I would like to voice my dissatisfaction with the (anti)hero again.
He is still labeled as a bruiser despite having very limited engage. He is unable to duel against any of bruisers pretty much every character in the game (unless against snowballed odds), his cataclysm ult is extremely situational and pretty much useless against certain comps, his CC is also very situational and can barely be used to peel (you're only going to land a Dragon Roar when dealing with dive).

I've seen people defend his currently nerfed state by saying his "strength" lies in global and the ability to clear a whole wave with a full breath. That's it. He brings hardly any utility to the table when it comes to team fighting. He has tools… against certain comps. But when he's dealing with pokey characters, there's nothing you can do. And I'm not talking about saving his own ass, I'm talking about going versus a pokey comp with a bruiser/tank, and when you are supposed to be, you know, the bruiser for your team, there's nothing to be done, there's nothing in his kit or talents to deal with that.


When he was released his durability and damage more than made up for his deficiency in reliable team CC, but in his current 6-times-nerfed-in-a-row state, he is a joke. The wind up in his abilities are extremely predictable and even when you land them the damage isn't scary enough that can't be quickly healed UNLESS your team has some sort of CC. But sometimes DEATHWING, as a bruiser, is supposed to be that CC.

I've found I have an easier time playing Li-Ming in glass cannon orb build being a frontline of sorts than an Infernus (breath) build Deathwing. He just melts, it's ridiculous. He can't be labeled as a bruiser when he only works as a bruiser against certain team comps and with only one talent choice.

Deathwing has been a very very anticipated character of mine for years and instantly became my main when he landed in the Nexus. I am not saying he needs to be buffed (because if I do a lot of people will complain), but if not buffed, he needs to be entirely re-evaluated and reworked. Most of his talents and build were created and tuned to his original numbers and presence, which is now completely different than his release one.

tl;dr please fix deathwing he is not a bruiser anymore, hes a bruiser more in exceptions than most of the time

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