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Pls devs, you are completely wrong about Jaina’s balance…

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Pls devs, you are completely wrong about Jaina's balance...

Hi everyone ! I am writing about a hero having a really specific place in my hero pool. She is not my main, but Jaina is the first hero I played when begining HOTS. She is my best mage btw. I really like playing her because she is one of the most rewarding hero in the game. Her low-mid range makes her positioning very challenging to use her kit at its full potential. In spite of having one of the greatest burst in the game, I rarely see players complaining about Jaina because she is squishy and need to get to close combat, focusing mainly frontliners (contrary to an older chromie nobody regrets). So she seems to be one of the least carcinogenic hero in the game (ok permanent slow is really annoying, nobody's perfect…).

In most patchnotes, devs share to us their will to increase talent diversity for all heroes, and Jaina has clearly been an issue for them recently especially about her level 7 talent tier. Just as a reminder about Jaina's gameplay : you need to hit ennemy heroes with one spell (any of them) to apply a chill effect to them for 4 seconds. Then ennemies are slowed and damaging them again with another spell refreshes this effect, and this spell has a 50% increased damage. We need to notice that Jaina's lowest cooldown is her Q with this critical 4 seconds cooldown. Now let's have a look at her level 7 talents :

  • Ice lance : Hitting a chilled target with Q reduces its cooldown by 1.25 sec (nerfed from 1.5 and 2 before) and refunds 10 mana.
  • Ice floes : Increase the width of E by 100% and each chilled hero hit with it reduces its cooldown (1 hero : 3.5 sec, more : 6 sec)
  • Icefury wand : Basic attacks against chilled targets deal 100% increased damage and reduces W cooldown by 2 sec.

So let's detail now list what they bring to Jaina's kit and let's start with Ice lance :

  • POSSIBLE PERMANENT CHILL on an ennemy (not only heroes). So this talent gives her a correct poke she doesn't have without it. This allows her to chase retreating targets as well thanks to the permanent slow because Jaina has no mobility. Without Ice lance, all Jaina's basic abilities have a cooldown longer than the chill duration effect.
  • Incredible macro potential to do camps combined with Frost Shards at level 4 because Ice Lance triggers in PVE.
  • Mana restoration
  • Q is the spell with greatest range in Jaina's kit : this talent is safe to pick and you get to close range only for E.
  • Reliable permanent chill also means you stack your ice block more quickly if you poke effectively with Q.

About Ice Floes :

  • Colldown reduction for her E in PVP only : her greatest damaging and lowest range basic ability. This talent is risky to pick because it implies Jaina needs to be in close range from ennemies more often. Moreover, you need to hit 2 chilled heroes for this talent to be worth picking which can not be guaranteed.
  • Synergy with level 16 talents to use them more often.
  • Increased width is not that beneficial : you can usually hit ennemies without it.

About Icefury Wand :

  • Increased PVP only dps with basic attacks. This might be risky for a hero with no mobility like Jaina to use this. Q has a greater range.
  • Cooldown reduction for her zoning spell in PVP. But this needs to be picked with Arcane Intellect because this talent really increases Jains's mana tension.

With this listing, I am sure that now you are all convinced that Ice Lance is still the best level 7 talent for Jaina and by far in spite of all devs' effort to increase talent diversity. Ice Lance is just vital to her kit to get that permanent chill. Lingering chill maay be used to achieve this but you sacrifice mana regen and increased damages, or aditionnal range on Q useful for specific matchups. The only thing devs are doing is making suboptimal builds more cancer (Jaina is not supposed to have an undodgable cone of cold everytime especially with Icy veins and Numbing blast to root ennemies and abuse from unskilled mechanics : this is cancer). To conclude : this patch is just a nerf for Jaina and an increase of her cancer rate in some niche situations. This is not fair.

So pls devs, read this and try a different approach for Jaina. This has to stop now.

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