Heroes of the Storm

“Point out fact” Be called negative and toxic.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - "Point out fact" Be called negative and toxic.

Small vent here, but I do notice this awfull trend is coming back with avengence.

2 matches in a row I point out a fact of something. Nothing like: "Ooh this hero sucks and players suck."No more like: "Ooh this won't work like that.. it's a bad idea."

So match 1:I check the profiles of my allies and notice a gold one. So I point out..ooh a gold 1 in diamond 5. Someone is boosting.Player who is boosting (don't know this yet): Yea?! SO WHAT! LEAVE !!Me: ….Well that's not nice. Just saying someone is a booster.Player: "Stfu noob and fucking play."(Insert malicious compliance)Alright I'll play as I like… *Locks Murky*

Lost the game.. but low and behold… max siege, 2nd place HD, 3.5 deaths, max exp.Guy who got nasty and toxic. Tassadar. middle amount of damage on the team, 7 deaths, barely tied with me in HD (only off by 2 XD)

Now did I throw the draft? No.. we still got a DPS, a tank, a support on the side. I did my job fine and even secured some kills…. Team wasn't happy at me doing this… but I proven my point.

Match 2:

(Braxis Holdout)

We are trying to draft and during the draft I point out the following. Hey don't lock Arthas.. They got Garrosh and Lucio.. They counter you hard. (also hanzo was a pick and I was Tassadar this time, our support was Brightwing, we were already locked)

He locks and I am like.. ooh boy.. this is going to be hard. But no matter. Yrel was picked too.. the enemy has an advantage on bot. But as long as we get an auto attacker to poke that Garrosh…

Nope the last pick picks Xul… I am like: why?! We have Yrel…This is a really bad idea.

Welp…his defense:"Ooh look at this neagtive toxic player. You are the problem on legs."In match:"Man this guy is a negative emotions kid on wheels. Blocking."


So what did I say?"Can someone tell the fetus to look beyond the womb of his mom so he can see the reality of things?"

Match ends in a loss with Yrel trolling and ping spamming me (they weren't a duo with Xul but seemed like it)

Xul dieing 7 times… Brightwing calling Xul a feeder and Yrel an afker…Wich only validated my claim before. With me doing… eh.. it's tassadar. My damage is "okay" but with Yrel not willing to do anything and Xul playing bad.. you guessed how that went.Also arthas kept wanting me to "kill" Garrosh. Right into enemy fire.

Well that just shows it.

Anyhow.. you can say I may have tilted them pointing out boosting or their pick is a mistake cause x&y&z. But… if I can't state a fact without someone going: "Rude, swearing, calling you toxic."It would just turn into quick match :/

Would I won match 1 by not going malicious compliance? Not really. Players like those mean to me I shouldn't try to draft for them but do what I want. I did get my map control going and gave us 1 chance of winning that was blown by Tassadar going deep.

Overall I am not really the hero of this story >_> Those are the players who pulled every stop to salvage the games wich were the supports. (brightwing twice) I just did what I could.

TL;Dr:People got angry at me for pointing out facts, got toxic towards me, I decided to avoid cooperating with them directly. Not the good guy, just a guy doing bad things since he has no patience.

(I also do not expect much in responses. As I stated. I went toxic back to them to focus only on my skills insted of my entire team's skill)

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