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Pointing out damage numbers. The importance of the stats screen

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Pointing out damage numbers. The importance of the stats screen

I posted this on a comment, and i liked how it turned out so i decided it open it to a wider audience to see what other have to say about it.

Regarding damage numbers and their importance. In these examples you are KT

Cursed hollow:
KT, ETC, Medic, hanzo, tracer
You are basically the only wave clear as KT, and more than likely will spend a lot of time doing so especially if the enemy is split pushing. Your damage will probably be low.

Braxis holdout:
KT, rexxar, ana, johanna, zeratul
As KT you will spend most of the game in the four man and will often be nano boosted too. your damage could easily double that of your earlier game.

Garden of terror:
KT, ming, nova, hanzo, lili(wind build w/ water dragon)
with no CC to set you up and a 5v5 of ranged heroes i would not be surprised to see kt's damage be comparable to lili's if she spends the whole game following the enemy team around poking them, while you spend most of the game being dove with no peels or setup.

Battlefield of eternity:
KT, Junkrat, Dehaka, muradin, and malf
Dehaka is tending lanes and the others have been 4 manning around. If your damage is considerably lower than junkrats, there is a chance you might want to see if there is something you're doing wrong.

Damage stats often mean very little as a metric of how well you're playing. Some times they can help you evaluate your play, but honestly that's not often. When a player dies and don't know why they are losing because they lack an adequate understanding of the game they may be tempted to looks anywhere to find a reason its not their fault. The damage numbers are right there and so easy to look at.


If your tank is diving into the enemy team getting a bunch of the squishies low, but not winning fights, then they look at the numbers and see you (as KT) are not putting much damage in, its easy to blame you. Obviously your numbers are bad because when he does that the enemy etc and artanis have been diving you and without peels you run away or die.

If i were to place one thing as the most important factor to winning a game i'd say it was positioning, both in fights and on the map. There is very little a stats screen can display to reflect that, and unless you're looking for it during a tense fight you probably won't notice it (replays are really good here).

The last thing i would say is some advice: Any time something bad happens it is always at least a little your fault (maybe not mostly, but there was something different you could have done almost always). If you want to get better, don't dwell or point out the mistakes of others as you can't do much to change them. If you're tank isn't peeling, there is no point to pointing it out to stranger AFTER the game. instead try to figure out what you can do when you aren't getting peels, or try to figure out how you can tell that player without sounding like an asshole. Basically nobody plays better if you get in a yelling match over how much they suck.

Work on yourself or work on communicating.

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