Heroes of the Storm

Possible Heroes From the Teaser

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Possible Heroes From the Teaser

hi ' what the possible next hero from this teaser ?

let start with


Onyxia - Possible Heroes From the Teaser

Onyxia: for sure in her Human form as "Katrana Prestor"

this is how she looked in the Comic

this is how she look in art

this is how she look in game

based from this arts i dont think she gonna be Onyxia for she dont have the same clothes the face match only in the comic art both have dark hair but the character in the teaser look like she in forest because we see the trees leaf so i feel this gonna be something like night elf

Shandris Feathermoon: there is big chance for the next hero to be Shandris for many reasons let start with the look

this is how she look in her WC3
WarCraft Metzen015b - Possible Heroes From the Teaser

concept art

how she look in art

this is her in game model

and there is this art with Tyrande

her in game model dont match the teaser and the same for her art because is based on her WoW model

but in her official 2001 wc3 concept art and the other one with Tyrande she do the face and the dark hair is is very close and i belive if HotS want to make Shandris they will not use her WoW model because the armor and weapon she use in WoW dont have the heritage of the night elves


other things make me think about shandris that the character in the teaser hide in tree and they use the dark to hide the character and like every warcraft fan know night elves live in the forest and they have trait in WC3 and WoW to hide

also there is voice line for Tyrande talking with Shandris so the dev already have plan to make her as playable hero

the only thing that make me confused is the dark gem in the necklace

_Naisha: other night elf female character for almost the same reason as Shandris

this is her art

what make me think about her is the armor in the teaser feel like plate and match this Nisha armor in the image and she can bring new unique gameplay like Luna in Dota but the character in the teaser have no helmet


D2 assassin: the character in teaser hide in the bush so it could be D2 assassin

assassin artwork

_D2 Sorceress: tbh she dont look like the D2 Sorceress but maybe they reimagine her

D2 Sorceress


_Orphea Mother: there is chance this character could be Orphea mother because she have a necklace with gem that look like Singularity but in the 4th lore comic we see Orphea mother with white hair and she dont look like the character on the teaser

i didn't mention SC & OW because the charater in the teaser look more fantasy medival character

so what Character could be the next hero based on this teaser ?

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