Heroes of the Storm

Post thoughts on your most favorite characters to play

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Post thoughts on your most favorite characters to play

So I just thought I would share my Post Patch thoughts, get feed back on them, and hear all of yours.

So far I am enjoying some of the tweaks, nerfs, and buffs. My thoughts so far on some of my favorite characters to play are as followed:

Sylvanas |- Still one of my favorite heroes (though she's nothing like the beta) I think there is some potential for improving her slightly. I think her Level 4 Trait talent Mercenary Queen should be baselined. And move festering wounds to 4 or something. Then give her a chance for some spell armor at 7. Otherwise I think she is still very fun to play.

Valla |- Always another fun hero of mine. I think the only thing I would like to see with her is increasing her Auto Attack range a little bit. Maybe even by 1.

Thrall |- Lately I've been playing a lot more Thrall, and I think Green Jesus is in one of the best spots he's been in awhile. I am glad to see the devs finally get him stable in a place he deserves to be.

Jaina |- I love playing her for how good she is overall. I just don't have anything bad to say about her she is well rounded.

Valeera |- I loved playing Valeera when she was first released. She's had some tweaks and nerfs over the years. I am lately enjoying ambush build with her again, but I feel like she needs to have the ability to move while in deep shadows even if only for several seconds.

Stitches |- Stitches good. Stitches players happy! Stitches make smash time fun! Stitches miss friend retchling.

Ragnaros |- I love playing the Firelord! The turner of the molten tides. Another hero I feel is in the perfect spot, and if you were going to do anything to him it would be to buff him slightly. He feels sad next to deathwing and chogall, but does he ever compliment a team of either of them well! He desperately needs skins!

Garrosh |- I love playing Mucha Lucha Garrosh! Or as I make my team call me, Jefe. I still have to admit I miss his pull with his Q, and it did make landing his throw a lot easier! His Body Check, Double Up build isn't one I play, but It has it's uses. Maybe a few buffs, or move Inner Rage to 16 and baseline Earthshaker or something?


Guldan |- Or as I have been called while playing him, Guldaddy. My second favorite to play hero. I love playing his corruption drainlife build with a good fear bomb, cause the right one is game changing! His self sustain is perfect, and really makes the vanilla warlock in me feel at home!

Quira |- I found myself oddly satisfied with how this hero turned out. I wouldn't mind if her blood did just slightly more bleed since after beta it took a huge nerf. She is one of those heroes often overlooked who plays well with many different comps.

Auriel |- One of my favorite healers to play, so long as you can find good batteries. Her recent nerfs to her new Rez feel halfway between how she used to rez. I still prefer Crystal Aegis to prevent death rather than cure death, but that's just me.

Nazeebo |- This big bad voodoo daddy was fun to play even without Thing of the Deep. I will say I think Vile Infection should be more like 150, otherwise I think he is very well balanced.

Zarya |- I love playing Zarya as a tank/bruiser which is why I feel she is miss classed in the Support role. People overlook her potential to just sustain damage and dish it back out. She works real well in double bruiser comps without a tank to just push out consistent damage.

Cho'Gall |- I'm not always much of a Cho, but I can Gall very well. I just need to know the Cho and have him on voice chat so I cam talk Ogre hide with him. I also think if Cho DC's, Gall should be allowed to control the movement over the AI, because that was the worst experience of my entire life. Otherwise I love the gimmick of the 2 player character and the tanking and damage they can put out. I wish Gall could take cho's Runic blast returns at 1 because Cho's Uppercut is so good with Surging Fist

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