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Potential Quick Match Change: A response to ITN Episode #330

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Potential Quick Match Change: A response to ITN Episode #330

Hi everyone,

I just finished listening to the Into the Nexus podcast Episode #330 featuring guest
BlizzAZJackson - Potential Quick Match Change: A response to ITN Episode #330

/u/BlizzAZJackson. It was super informative, so if you haven’t given it a listen yet, get to it!

This post is to address the “community question” that was posed to AZJackson, which asked “can we remove QM and make Unranked the default mode?” I believe the unspoken insinuation of the question is that Unranked mode better prepares you for Ranked than the clown-fiesta that is QM. The answer was essentially that it is important to both the dev team and the majority of the player base that a mode exists where you can simply pick a hero and play that hero, while getting into a game quickly.

This is exactly the reason that I mostly play QM, and why the vast majority of players only play QM, and not Unranked. Most people would rather get in games quickly with the hero they feel like playing, than sit through a draft and be forced into a role they aren’t in the mood for, even if it provides a better team comp. I totally understand having an Unranked mode available, because it is a good place to practice drafting, learn the “real” meta as opposed to the QM meta, and expand your roster by playing new roles (tanks and healers can be fun too, I promise). Unfortunately the time commitment of a draft really does reduce the number of games you can play, especially for people who only have an hour or two to squeeze in some game time.


I propose a middle ground between QM and Unranked that could potentially provide better team compositions without the time commitment of a draft mode. This would replace the current iteration of QM, rather than be a new game mode. My idea is this: you select QM at the top of the screen as usual, and could still see all the heroes/talents/loadouts etc…but you don’t select a hero at this point. You hit ready and get put into a game lobby with 9 other players (matchmaking still applies of course). You can see the heroes your allies are hovering/locked in, but not your opponent’s team. To preserve the speed of QM, everyone now has X seconds (maybe 30-60) to select a hero, and everyone chooses at the same time. It would feel a lot like the intro to brawl mode, but with the whole hero roster available.

This would allow people to see if they are going to have any tanks or healers on their team and adjust accordingly if they feel like it. This is still QM after all, and maybe no one wants to tank or heal, and that’s ok! At least it would be a conscious choice by the team. There would be some opportunity to troll, if you hovered a tank until the last second and switched to Murky or something. But if you’ve got that guy on your team, you were going to lose anyway, let’s be real. I feel like this could give people a chance at having more regular team comps in every QM game without adding much to the amount of time it takes to get in a game, all without being too similar to Unranked, because you are not responding to your opponent’s comp. Let me know what you think!

TL,DR: Provide the QM experience with more regular team comps by allowing 30-60 seconds for everyone to choose a hero at once while seeing what your allies are choosing. This avoids a lengthy draft but give more control over team comp.

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