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Procraft’s Suggested Azmodan Changes

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Procraft's Suggested Azmodan Changes

Hey everyone! My name’s Procraft, I’ve been an Azmo main since the beginning of time itself, and as of posting this, I am currently GM #39. I saw a post discussing Azmodan’s current state, and was typing enough to where I thought it would warrant its own post. Here are some things that would make Azmodan so much more viable/fun to play!

  1. Ever since his rework a few years ago, they made the impact area of his Q visible so much sooner, and this was honestly the most tragic nerf out of all. You can land close range dunks no problem, but it’s impossible to land any max ranged ones. This really lowers the skill ceiling of Azmo, and makes plays like this or this no longer a reality. Like literally, the enemy has to not be looking at their screen in order to get hit by a max ranged dunk, it’s that easy to dodge. They did increase the base travel speed of his Q to compensate for this nerf, but even still, the fact that the dunk gets revealed so much sooner just ends up punishing the higher-skilled Azmos from pulling off those high IQ snipes. If there is just one change that blizzard would make, I would really hope that this is it. Just bring back those long-ranged snipes that’s all I ask. Maybe reveal the impact area later by default, and also maybe gluttony/art of chaos/some other talent hide the impact area for an even longer duration, just to bring back those amazing snipe plays.
  2. Tide of Sin has got to be the most boring, uninspired ult in the entire game. It’s not even that good, I honestly hate having to take this ult. All it does is give my Q 50% extra damage on its next cast, and makes it “cost no mana”. The ability itself costs 100 mana to use. You aren’t saving any mana by using this wtf. What would be AMAZING to have is make it so that this ability “Empowers your next ability”, and maybe if you used your dunk it would deal more damage and hide the impact area, if you used your minion it might spawn like a super minion or like a gate that continuously spawns minions for 10 seconds, if you used it on your laser it would become like a super laser or something that would chain to a few targets, if you used it on your passive you would spawn like a catapult-like siege minion or something. Words could not describe how cool that ult would be. If that’s too much to ask, then at least give Azmo a second charge of it/make it do SOMETHING else. Just please, ANYTHING else than what it currently is.
  3. Laser needs to apply its effects if the target dies while it’s being channeled. I honestly believe that this was a completely unintended nerf to Azmo, but for example, if you take Master of destruction at 7 (the talent where laser explodes in an area once the channel is finished), and the target dies, you don’t get the explosion. When people take this talent, they laser the mage minion, and the laser explodes, damaging the whole wave, so that you can dunk it and get stacks. But after about level 14ish, your laser will kill the mage minion before the explosion ever goes off. Same thing with heroes, if you kill the hero before the laser finishes, you don’t get the explosion, Cydea's kiss, Hellrift, Sin's Grasp, etc. I’m shocked they haven’t patched this just yet. I mean, could you imagine if KT’s living bomb didn’t detonate if the target died? KT mains would literally riot.
  4. Sin's grasp as a level 20 talent is trash. This talent used to be so much better at level 16, and you didn’t even need to channel on a hero in order to get the full CD reduction. This talent should be a 13/16 talent if anything and Azmo should get a different 20 talent as a replacement. Laser should have it’s own questing talent early on, that would be such a cool option!
  5. Demon warriors are honestly pretty worthless, especially in team fights. I can’t tell them where to go or anything like that. The only thing I can do with them is to immediately block a skillshot. Other than that, your opponents will just easily stomp on them. Their damage is so low and unimpactful. They are only good at PvE (taking minion/tower aggro). They should give Azmo the ability to prioritize a target for his minions to attack, just how Gazlowe can select the primary target for his turrets to attack, Azmo should be able to command his minions to attack the target of his choosing. Because right now, they will just run forward until they get aggro’d by the very first thing they see. Overall I feel like his demon warriors need some attention. There’s no “demon warrior build” that you can do. You can only take talents that just buff some plain stats on the warriors (make them do slightly more damage, have slightly more health etc.). It would be really cool if his demon warriors had a more intuitive build path/had a viable build. A questing talent for his minions would be so cool!
  6. Azmo is practically the only ranged assassin without any defensive options. While he does have a high health pool that doesn’t mean he’s tanky. It would be nice to at least have some sort of defensive option (ice block, armor, escape). He does have trample, but that's at level 16, and the range is so small, and it doesn’t teleport you instantly like bolt of the storm does. Cydeas kiss is the only thing Azmo could possibly take to have some sort of sustain, but that only works if the entire channel finishes, and you have to use it on a hero. Maybe have an ability that works similar to KTZ’s Phylactery, where Azmo’s abilities would heal him for a certain amount.

Overall, I’m not trying to make it sound like he’s the worst hero in the entire game. He’s pretty good, but just needs a couple of fixes/new talents that's all!

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