Heroes of the Storm

Proposal for minor Genji change

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Proposal for minor Genji change

Hi. Long time HOTS player and Genji main, first time reddit poster. A friend of mine told me that the developers do read posts on this site so i signed up to offer some suggestions! The following video demonstrates the playstyle i will be covering in this post, and would like to play more of.


At 13 Genji has the talent Flow Like Water which reduces the cooldown of Swift Strike per enemy hit. You have to hit 4 enemies to reset the cooldown of Swift Strike. At the moment, enemies will almost never be lined up as four, within the length of Swift Strike. When they do clump up, as they are constantly moving, the hit box is so skinny it would often weave right in between and miss some targets. it's nearly impossible to get a full reset against 99% of team comps and players. Think about it, outside of the initial 5 man mid how many times have you actually seen an enemy formation in a straight line (or target path)of 4? Additionally, all maps and objectives have enough curved pathing to prevent this. Believe me, i have tried to make this build work against compositions that don't have Samuro or TLV. It's extremely unreliable which really skews everyone toward Shingan instead.

IMO this build option should be part of his playstyle…

I propose 3 different effortless solutions:


A) Reduce the cooldown on Swift Strike to 9 seconds so the level 13 talent (Flow Like Water) enables you to reset on 3 heroes hit.
B) expand the width of Swift strikes hit box.
C) Level 13 talent now reduces the cooldown of swift strike by 4 seconds per enemy hit

Either would be easy to implement. One small change like this, and a whole new way to play Genji opens up.

Option A: provides an overall buff to Swift Strike cooldown in addition to making this playstyle viable. Which will also help redeem a bad early and mid game.

Option B: expanding the width of swift strike could cause balance issues revolving around the kill reset, so this may not be a good choice.

Option C: While still bringing this playstyle to Genji, it will keep the overall balance of the hero unaffected.

What does this do for Genji?

  • For skilled players, this change will allow him to do more damage at level 13.
  • It gives you a realistic, (although minor and skill based) way to turn the tides in a bad match.
  • Option A and C will leave the skillshot nature of swift strike in tact. Still making it punishable if you miss.
  • A fun way to play Genji that is a little more independent. Instead of purely looking for pick offs, you can shift focus. Looking for the right moment to strike multiple enemies and doing some reasonable damage.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

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