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Proposed New Tournament Structure

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Proposed New Tournament Structure

So HGC is dead… Lets make the best out of this situation and take the opportunity to launch community driven tournament scene.

Since balance updates will not be happening often the biggest problem with launching new league will be a stale meta after a couple of tournaments. Here's how to fix it:

Let community vote by donating to the tourney prize pool which heroes to ban from particular tournament. Top 6 heroes which received most votes (donations) are banned from the tournament. Voting should be finalized one week before the start of the tournament.

Second part. After community banned heroes are selected, one week before tournament get representatives of the teams on stream and let each team ban 1 additional hero at 10 min intervals at random order.


This structure even without any balance changes will let each tournament to have its own meta for several years. As teams will find and experiment with niche compositions that only work if certain heroes are not in the pool.

As a bonus this will provide a compelling reason for community to contribute to the prize pool.

I pledge right now $1k to this tournament structure. If you also support this idea please write how much would you be willing to donate to the prize pool.

Lets show that HOTS is far from being dead!

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