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PTR Changes: Map control is important.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - PTR Changes: Map control is important.

So a recurring theme with criticisms of the new xp system is that theres no point in pushing now because it just makes it easier for the losing team to soak xp. These arguments aren't considering the value of map control.

Consider a scenario where one team takes an early fort. The losing team now has to decide whether to keep their lane pushed forward and be vulnerable to ganks, or let it push in and safely soak the xp. "Of course they let it push in," you say, "Now the winning team can't soak!" Consider what the winning team can do now though.

If a lane is pushed in, the person who was in that lane is free to merc and gank. If the lane near an objective is pushed in, it's less safe to approach that objective. If your fort at an objective is gone, it's less safe to contest that objective. If map pressure has built up on the other side of the map, you have to address that pressure before you fight. At diamond and below all of these things are significant hurdles to overcome.

The people saying it's better to give up all of your forts to soak safely are insane. Map control is important. Giving up that much map control would put your team at an extreme disadvantage on every single objective, and almost certainly cost you the game.

I will grant you that it's entirely possible these changes will be bad for the pro scene. Pros can easily deal with the issues I've outlined, but they can also easily exploit them. Imagine a scenario where Gen.G takes an early fort and forces their opponent to soak the lane at their keep. Since xp is no longer important, they now have a 5v4 scenario in the remaining two lanes. That's scary. Yeah, it might just completely fall flat and make games a bore, but it also might cause some interesting things to play out once the meta evolves.

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Xp is no longer important, but map control still very much is.

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