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PTR Feedback: Unit testing builds and requested features

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - PTR Feedback: Unit testing builds and requested features

Hello. I'm a developer and decided to test out the builds feature in HotS. I used the following manual unit tests.

After testing it, I understand that the build feature is fairly lightweight and doesn't do many integrity checks. That's ok, but the feature could be so much stronger with more integrity checks and a few more ideas. 🙂

Feature requests:

  1. Please allow me to name builds. I'd like the C&P functionality to look like and for the named build to appear. Otherwise, I can't tell from the UI which builds are populated and which aren't unless I load all three builds. These names should appear in the Character Select GUI and within the game.
  2. I'm not sure if this feature is in the game, but it would be great! Create a hotkey that will allow me to automatically select the favorited talent from the current tier. For example, if I press ALT + F, it will select the favorited talent of that tier. If I press ALT + F and there is no favorited talent in that tier, the announcer should say "Choose a talent!" again.
  3. If any selected build has at least one <3 in any talent tier, the build name (build 1, build 2, build 3, etc.) should have a <3 next to it. This should also be shown in-game as well. This way I know which builds are defined and which aren't.
  4. If a build has a <3 within any talent tier, and I attempt to paste a build which will overwrite the current build, please show a warning stating that I'm overwriting a build and give me the option to refuse the paste before pasting.

Working incorrectly:

  1. <– This build shows all <3's for each talent tier as though a talent is chosen for every tier, but every tier does not have a talent picked.
    1. As a corollary, after saving this build and then attempting to copy it again, it copies back as . This is technically correct, but it's still an invalid build because Varian does not have these talents possible.
    2. Requested resolution – Should not be able to paste. Invalid build.
  2. <– This build does not show any <3's at all for any tier. This is a great way to nullify a build. If you paste this build and copy it back to clipboard, you get T0000000. Therefore, T9999999 and T0000000 are functionally equivalent.
    1. Requested resolution – Should not be able to paste. Invalid build.
  3. <– This will write in all the 1 talents, but all the 9 talents will not be <3'd. Copying back the result to the clipboard yields which seems… strange.
    1. Requested resolution – Should not be able to paste. Invalid build.
  4. <– This build should not be valid because it's impossible to build in-game. A Hammer that takes BFG at 10 should not be able to get the Advanced Lava Strike at 20.
    1. Can internal integrity be maintained for builds?

Working correctly:

  1. Saving a build to clipboard
  2. Restoring a saved build to clipboard
  3. Attempting to load a saved from Varian into Chromie does not function (as expected)
  4. Attempting to use more talent tiers or fewer talent tiers than what's available does not work (as expected):
    1. (only 6 talent tiers chosen) does not allow me to paste into Varian
    2. (8 talent tiers chosen) does not allow me to paste into Varian
  5. Using any character other than 0 through 9 for a talent tier does not allow me to paste the build.

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