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PTR Undocumented Changes

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - PTR Undocumented Changes

I always wanted to make one of these since I used to do it a lot for other games and I quite enjoyed the experience.

I've always found the fixed bug list in the patch notes lacking because it only includes forum reported bugs.

This is all speculative, from datamining the game graphs.

MVP calculation

Updated for role update (Warriors -> Tanks)


The game will now try to fill unfilled roles when autopicking in draft modes. Priority is Healer>Tank>Assassin. So if nobody picked healer and you're last pick but didn't select anything, it WILL pick a random healer. Setting role preferences WILL override this behavior, but only if the role hasn't been filled.

The game no longer autopicks heroes based on enemy composition.

Map Logic

Filters got cleaned up and someone fell asleep. (someone renamed a value to lv_utargetZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ;?)

Most animations will no longer pause while in fog.

Immortal Shrine

Is getting prepared for sandbox mode. You will be able to force a punisher type (apparently disabled for debugging.)

Arcane Punisher scales less(?), Mortar punisher scales more(?)

There are a lot of minor tweaks to the actual behavior of all three punisher's effects, but it's mostly cleaning up and optimizing.

Haunted Mines

Exit mines tooltip got a newline.

That's it.

ARAM Brawls

Optimized Hall of Storms healing block (it would apply an ability behavior that would block it's normal behavior, now it just doesn't have any behavior at all.) This should fix some heroes healing on the hall of storms (looking at you D.Va)

All Heroes

Dealing less than 0.1% damage will be considered "blind." This was done in response to Varian's Parry and Genji's Dodge talent, but this will now also include any protection and absorption state.

Leech Abilities no longer default to caster, this was probably done for Anduin's level 1 auto attack leech talent.

Time Stop tracking now is properly removed when the effect expires, this should prevent heroes from locking up in extreme circumstances when the unit is destroyed at the same time as they're unfrozen (I think)

Cleanse now also cleanes vision reduction(?!)

Ranged Auto Attacks(?) will now get cancelled when entering a vehicle.


ETC's Stage Dive and Johanna's Falling Sword will cancel symbiote when cast.

Cloning Jaina, Lunara, Murky, Sylvannas, Alexstrasza, Ana will now show effect stacks on health bars for the other hero. (So OG Jaina can see frostbite stacks that Abathur caused and vice versa)


Can now apply Rite of Rak'Shir on invulnerable targets.


Sleep Dart, Healing Dart, and Eye of Horus have had their FX updated.

Eye of Horus no longer hits targets right behind structures.


Bronze Talons got a new effect.

The Cyberpunk skin has a new impact effect for dragon's breath (the sand one.)



Fury will no longer generate when hitting evading heroes or when blinded.


Chen's actor data (read: model metadata) got cleaned up (rework soon?)


Has a new effect for when she has the Noxious Blossom speed buff.


Vault's visuals have been updated. (the height was too high apparently?)


The cursor splat (read: the graphic the game shows when you hover over the ability) for Maelstorm has been updated to reflect it's actual range.


New Pirate skin variation (Ghost.)

Gust's impact effect will now get immediately removed when Gust expires, rather when the effect is done.

The Lost Vikings

Longboat Raid is now immune to both friendly and allied displacements. (I don't know why this wasn't the case already since it's unstoppable but It's what the data says)


March of the Murlocs has an updated cursor splat to reflect it's actual area of effect.


Hyperion's visual effect has been made more accurate to the actual area of effect(? the width got reduced.)

Hyperion no longer validates visibility when searching for targets(?)


Misha's charge will now disable her auto attacks while she's charging. The time it takes to recover from her charge has been halved (0.125 seconds to 0.06something.)

Triglav Protector

You can no longer swap seats(? button got removed, but it's confusing because…)

Cooldown for swapping and leaving is increased to 10 seconds.

Health and damage scaling is normalized (no actual changes, just the same modifier should be used.)

Damage has been adjusted in most areas, probably because the scaling curve got normalized (see above)


New Luxiora Queen variant. (Smoldering Desert)


Two new Guardian variants. (Crystalline, Arcane)


Explosive Arrow no longer triggers on mercs.


Splats got updated.

Sound blast's arc got updated.


Durance of Hate's secondary hit can no longer target unstoppable heroes.


The devs are also still tweaking the AI of the game and made a few changes in the PTR. This is from the data for this.I can't guarantee that this is how it's actually works because I'm just interpreting data files.

All AI

AI will now get rewarded for defending the dragon shrine.

Towers and Forts/Keeps

Now proritize bosses above all else, then vehicles, then minions, summons, and mercenaries.


Tychus will no longer consider passive and friendly structures for it's target decision making. This would probably make him less aggressive when near walls.


Zagara will no longer spawn Nydus Worms close together (15 range to 25) of keeps/forts and spawns.

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