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Pyschopost: Solo player in the depths of the civilation ( Team games)

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Pyschopost: Solo player in the depths of the civilation ( Team games)

This post is an explanation of what I have learnt playing with people as a team ( Party). Most of them being not my friends, just random guys who make party with me. Anyway in both cases ( Known or random people) I'be been able to find these situations. This is not a post to blame anyone but me if there'd be someone to blame.

My rank is average plat/low Diamond usually. Just saying.Since Alpha or beta, I am playing Hots before this I played other mobas, I mean since first version of Dota in WC3 that I've been playing mobas. though I am not the best even I am not considered a good player by myself, this paragraph is just a point to say that I think I know who I am and which are my wewakness.

I am a nervous person but I try to avoid it when playing, 'though it is unavoidable at certains levels, I have learnt to keep calm down and with serenity. Since a time ago, I try not to blame other guys, I don't use tab panel to blame others ( and I never did, imho it is way to say "I don't know how to read what's happening in a game since help of a table") and I usually don't text or speak but if I do it is giving advices that are useful for winning. I mean, for example, I don't blame or insult a guy for getting a bad talent (imo) because it won't help anyone.

When I play solo, I can even mute other people and focusing at all on my playstyle. Even on draft pick if I select a hero with 40% WR, or if I have a mate who picked a hero with 20% WR I won't tell him anything because my objective is to win the game and I know that if I put him under pressure asking for their pick or saying/showing to all my team how bad he plays his pick ( Based on win ratio, not being an universal true) he could potentially play worse than if he were relaxed and focused the hero in the best way he could do.

But now, when I'am playing as team, specially with voice. Last day I ve tested to play without voice, because I think I'm being perjudicated by this. Not saying speaking while playing is good or bad, just in my case. There's a lot of people who likes to give orders all the time, like being not a caller but softcaller, I mean taking not responsabilities if things goes wrong.


I am focused in many things when I am playing solo, I mean, if I solo, in my opponent, as far as possible in my 4 man and enemy 4-camp, missings, when to freeze or to push the lane, when to retreat, timing and checking camps, or if playing whatever, if mana, cooldowns of my supp are up, if disruption, engage or disengage skills of my frontlane is up and so on, If we have level advantage, if we can be more aggressive doing camps or we must be more passive, where to stay when doing boss or camps, avoiding possible enemy incomings, just doing the camp if being dps or whatever.

I mean 'though I can't do perfectly all from above (that's why I could be better but I am not) I think I take my own and team decissions based in many aspects. When I play with teammates, not always, there's people who thinks all the other guys are worse than him (or I don't know why) I can't find an answer really and they say what to do every fucking time, and I am not speaking about things like " go camp", " go boss" etc but things like " when I use this skill, you immediately do this other skill" then i keep all focused in paying attenttion when he will scream " Now, now now!!" " Q,Q,Q" " Heroxxx, heroxxx, heroxxx" and I feel I lose all my attenttion listening a guy or an order of him and I lose all my capabilities of macro and micro.

Tell me if you had a similiar experience, if you were able to solve this and how.

And as I said blame me ( if you blame someone( cause it is a thing I should to solve.

Thanks guys, P.D: english is not my mother language.

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