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Qhira personal thoughts and discussion

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Qhira personal thoughts and discussion

I just got her to lvl 25 in one go and wanted to share some thoughts I have on her. I also want to know what you guys that played her a lot think of her.

Just before playing her, I played a lot of Alarak in almost one go too up to lvl 70.

If I were to compare the two, I would say Qhira have a stronger early game but Alarak is more relevant as the game goes on and can snowball big time in the later part of the game. Qhira can solo kill someone in the laning phase while it is more difficult for Alarak if he's alone. Both are very strong on rotation of course.

She is almost more tricky to play as most of her kit is delayed skill shots abilities.

In team fight with Alarak you'll be playing like a mage and only get in if you've hit your combo and to get some AA in. Qhira is more interactive in the sense that you can stay in as long as you can sustain with your W and then either go on your E or get out with your D.


I feel that she have few builds that feels great for me. 85% of the time I go Q build . IMO it is the most consistent build since the slow you get on the Q is very strong to get some AA in or to help land your E. Then the rest of the Q talent synergize so well with it than it feels like almost everything else isn't worth it.

I tried to play with Upstage> for quite a while and I feel like I get less value out of this talent overall that I get with Your Pain, My Gain>. It is more consistent and work in 1v1 scenario. It depend on the enemy team comp but most of the time, I feel like Your Pain, My Gain> is the right choice.

Ult also depend on the enemy team comp. If there is too much hard CC on the enemy team, I go Final Strike>. If not, the silence you get at 20 from Silent Killer> is so strong in team fight that it is worth going with it despise the fact that you'll probably get less value from it until 20.

The only talent I am mitigated on which is the best is the lvl 13 because The Hunted> seems also very good. Thou, the Q reset is more attractive as it also keep your The Thirst> stacks ramping. Probably that The Hunted> is better for very short fight while Chainsaw> is better to melt tanks and bruisers.


I have also tried, but in a limited amount of games and in my earlier stage of playing her where I wasn't as good as I am now, Swing Life Away> at 16. The thing is that spinning for a while in the later part of the game is dangerous because of A) your target can be cleanse and it give them plenty of time to do so, which can also leave you in a very bad spot. B) You'll miss the big AoE stun from Booming Kick> that serve as a very strong follow up in team fight. Booming Kick> also create a strong opportunity to ult them with Unrelenting Strikes>, especially when Silent Killer> is online. I still want to try Swing Life Away> again even if there is apparent flaws with how this talent want you to play. Cooldown reduction while spinning would be more in line with how you play her in earlier stage of the game when most healers don't have access to their cleanse and getting small fights here and there still happen.

Fight approach:

My initiation now is most of the time D (On release) -> E because once you hit your D, you are sure to land your E. Then you proceed with Q + AA for the duration of the slow + W.

D have a better range so most people won't expect it as much as your E. It is much harder for people to read correctly its range. It is a great tool to initiate out of a bush and get all your skill shot one after the other.

If you land everything and your target is a squishy, he is dead. Something not possible with Alarak until later level and a good amount of sadism.

Later on in the game, Qhira become more vulnerable so the solution to this is following up on your tank engage with your E AoE stun from Booming Kick>.

Changes I would like to see:

I feel that a 16sec cooldown on her E is a bit too harsh. IMO the right number would be 14 sec to make her competitive.

Revolving Sweep can cleanse in the worst possible scenario for you and her kit depend on this ability in multiples ways. In any high competitive matches you almost always have a healer with cleanse and it would be hard to do a E at any moment.

I highly suspect that now with everyone getting free cleanse every 5 mins, this is going to be a nightmare playing Qhira because of how little value we would get out of Revolving Sweep to get kills in the early game and the danger of using it in team fight.

Also her D feels a bit too slow. Sometimes you want to escape using your E+D, while spinning you have to predict very well the distance and the speed of your hook to grab the wall. I still miss it sometimes because of the hook speed and it is really a Feels Bad Man moment.

All in all, I feels like Qhira is a high skill cap hero and a lot of fun to play. She could get some help to become a competitive hero but despite this and the new Gladiator’s Medallion that feels like it would make her a lot weaker, I have a blast playing her.

There is my thoughts on Qhira. What is yours, fellow Qhira lovers? 🙂

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