Heroes of the Storm

QoL improvements / healthy char buffs

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - QoL improvements / healthy char buffs

*QoL improvements / healthy hero buffs *21/5-2020

Suggestions to improve Zarya, D.Va and Genji

Zarya Ultimate R: Graviton Surge, Deal damage per second (20 dmg each 0,25 sec at lvl 10, 50 dmg per 0,25sec at lvl 20), lvl 10 Total 240 dmg ,lvl 20 total 600 dmg, total 800 dmg at lvl 20 with Talent. increase duration from lvl 10 talent to 3 sec from 2,5

lvl 20 Talent: R, Keep Silence, increase duration to 4 seconds. Fading slow from 40% → 0% over 2 sec

Note: The added damage to Zaryas Graviton Surge will provide more pressure onto enemy team and improve her skirmish ability.


Give D.Va Micro Missiles ability from OW. as and ‘extra ability’. Available from lvl 4. Shoots missiles in two straight lines of D.VA. Range: x Can be used during auto attack and Defensive matrix. Continue firing while moving, follows movement vector.

Ability, Micro Missiles: 18 missiles, 11 per second, 10 dmg per missile: 5 splash,
total 180 dmg. 30 sec CD, lvl. 20 – total 325 dmg, 18,7 dmg per missile,

Remove all pilot talents. Get

  • Torpedo Dash at lvl 7,
  • Big shot at lvl 10,
  • Concussive Blast at lvl 13

Torpedo Dash, CD: 14 sec
Concussive Blast ,CD : 10 sec

New Talents for Micro missiles at lvl 10, 13, 16 and 20

Micro Transactions, lvl 10: Each missile deals 1% of enemy heroes HP + basic dmg, (18% ish of x HP+ 180 dmg at lvl 10,)

Don’t get too hasty, lvl 13: Slow enemy for 2% movement speed per missile hit, stacks up to (2*18) 36% if all missiles hit, for 2,5 seconds per hit.

Delivery, lvl 16: Reduce cooldown by 10 sec, if all missile hit or target dies (Only enemy heroes) reduce cooldown by 15 sec

Ready the artillery, lvl 20: Increase the amount of missiles from 18 to 28. Increase dmg per missile by 20%. → 22,5 dmg per missile, total (22,5×28) 630 dmg. Increase the missile speed to 14 per second.

  • note* Slow from talent Don’t get too hasty is capped at 36% slow. , Micro Transactions is also capped at 18% total of enemy heroes HP. I.E the first 18 missiles. (22,5+ 1% of the current HP of enemy heroes) * 18 + (22,5×10) = total dmg

New Talent for Self-destruct: Nuclear Upgrade: lvl 20: Increase radius by 30%, Increase the damage by 70%, The additional 30% radius has 45% increased damage instead of 70%. Each enemy killed in Self-destruct will provide 12% charge rate.

Talent at lvl 7 Nuclear option: Removed

  • Replaced with : Hazard: Leaves a radioactive field for 4 seconds, reducing spell and armor by 20% up to 50% the closer to the epicenter.

Talent at lvl 16 Torpedo Dash: Removed

  • Replaced with : Pew! Pew! Pew!

Talents at lvl 20:

  • Ready the artillery:Micro Missiles

  • Nuclear Upgrade: Self-destruct

  • Stop and bop: Bunny hop

  • Mekafall: Mech suit

Summary: This will make D.Va more competitive and as she will bring more pressure with an extra tool for burst dmg and utility with the talents. Her pilot mode is suppose to be weak as a punishment for 'dying' in the mech suit, however I believe giving her the Pilot abilities will make her more fun and versatile in addition to adding Micro Missiles as boost to her kit.

  • Genji Ultimate R: Dragonblade, Increase damage from 355 to 435 at lvl 10 (4% scaling) 240→ 285. Lower the duration from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. Lower the cooldown from 100 seconds to 70 seconds.

Note: Make the Dragonblade more deadly and more crucial in terms of usage.


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