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Quality of Life Improvements in Heroes of the Storm

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Quality of Life Improvements in Heroes of the Storm

Hi Heroes of the Storm community,

Beware: Long post incoming. I am also not a native english speaker, so please pardon mistakes in this text.

I am a long time Heroes of the Storm player and still have as much fun as on the first day. As I like constructive criticism and exchange of ideas I also want to contribute to this community now. Some people called this a "dead game" after the HGC cancellation at the end of last year. But I still enjoy it a lot and there seems to be tons of others who think the same way. Also the HOTS development team is still doing a great job and keep the game fresh with new heroes, events and balance patches.

I try to play this game very competitively and have quite some games under my belt (HOTS level around 2000). In this long playing phase I developed some ideas which I think should be implemented. Let me hear your opinions on this matter or different approaches.

Points are chosen in random order (first point does not mean highest priority):

1. Abilities with an activatable component should fire immediately
With this I mean abilities like Tyrandes level 4 talent Ranger or Raynors level 7 talent Heavy Slugs. Even Azmodans Heroic Ability Tide of Sin belongs here. What I find really awkward is the concept of pressing the activatable key (Default: 1) and then afterwards the ability. As I play with Quick Cast on I find this really sluggish and slow.

I want basically the same treatment as helping hand from Stitches back in the day. Here is the text from the patch notes back then: Pressing the Helping Hand hotkey (Default: 1) will now cast a Helping Hand modified version of Hook, instead of causing the next Hook to have the Helping Hand modification. Casting the Hook hotkey (Default: Q) will cast a normal version of Hook. These abilities share a cooldown.
This is exactly what I want for these heroes. When I click the activatable button with Tyrande Ranger an empowered owl comes out. Just a click on the basic ability and always the standard owl comes out. When I hit R (Tide of Sin) on Azmodan then the empowered Globe of Annihilation comes out. You get the point.
This should be uniform across the game. All such abilities should immediately shoot when pressing the activatable key. An exception should be abilities where more than one instance is fired, like Junkrat level 16 Spread Volley Talent. Spread Volley can stay as it is.

2. Abilities who can hit friend or foe should be separated with an activatable component
Uthers level 4 talent Holy Shock allows him to also hit enemies with Holy Light. Illidans level 4 talent friend of foe let him dive to allied heroes.
In really huge skirmishes this can be troublesome. We are Uther: An Arthas brawls with a Stitches, Kerrigan jumps in, Imperius stabs in and then you want to heal your half-dead Kerrigan but instead you misclick slightly and damage Stitches with Holy Shock.
My Idea is as follows: When you pick the talent Holy Shock you get additionally an activatable component. You press Q you will only heal. You press 1 you will only do damage. The same should happen to Illidans friend or foe, his activatable lets him jump to allies. This separation of heal/damage would be nice for such abilities.


3. Hero Talents that do not activate in the mouse cursor direction
When Alarak self-casts his W (Telekinesis) he will go in the direction the hero is facing and not the mouse cursor direction. Other examples are Samuros level 13 talent Shukuchi or Mal'Ganis level 16 talent Plague Bats. I would find it advantageous if these abilities would go in the mouse cursor direction instead.

4. Stukov Healing Pathogen indicator needs a graphical overhaul
Stukovs Healing Pathogen runs for 4.5 seconds and has this circle indicator above the head of allies. I find the contrast of the indicator pretty low and also it somehow sits in the background. An example is the abathur hat on an ally with healing pathogen. The Healing Pathogen circle is invisible in this case as it is hidden behind the abathur hat. I tried the same with Malfurion and Abathur hat but here the Malfurion healing indicator is in the foreground and also generally has a much higher contrast. So a little rework on the Stukov healing indicator would be nice.

5. Ring/Hitbox under Hero should be more visible
The real Hitbox of a hero is the ring under the model. The model is just nice aesthetics. But the Hitboxring in Heroes of the Storm is very slim and thin. Falstad for example is quite disjoint from his Hitbox but in the heat of battle its tricky to look at these tiny hit boxes instead of the models. So a more visible Hitboxring would be appreciated by increasing line thickness for example.

6. Allow 2D Hero Portrait in-game
This may sound silly. But I was playing Starcraft 2. There you want to minimize graphical clutter. So I liked the 2D unit portraits in Starcraft 2. In HoTS you have this slightly moving 3D Hero portrait bottom left in-game. For me this moving 3D portrait is just not needed. I would like to have a 2D portrait in its place. So an optional unit portrait change in graphic settings would be good.

7. Battleground bans for Quickmatch and Unranked Draft
I know behind every Battleground is a lot of development time but I still think everyone has some Battlegrounds he likes or don't likes. In Storm League you have some fixed Battleground rotation which I think is completely fine. But Quickmatch and Unranked Draft have the full Battleground pool available. And when I have to play Blackhearts Bay I would like to throw the Monitor out of my window 🙂
Right now I am pretty happy whith Quickmatch or Unranked Draft Matchmaking so I do not want to get forced to play Storm League just to avoid some Battlegrounds.
When I counted correctly we have 14 Battlegrounds right now in the rotation. So 2 or 3 map bans would be a nice addition. If you are in a party then the party leader chooses the map bans for Quickmatch or Unranked Draft.

So thats it from my side. Maybe you have ideas, opinions on this topic.

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