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Quarantine Heroes event idea

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Quarantine Heroes event idea

The point would be to keep the silhouette of the heroes as similar as they can be while also making them look like they got bored during quarantine and threw together a costume with what they had around the house.

  • Butcher could have a tire with some cardboard tubes taped to it for a Stitches mouth.
  • Alexstrasa could have aluminum foil armor in both forms to look like Deathwing.
  • Lunara could have a plushie eagle's face and wings strapped around her front with sock "dwarf legs" on the side and a yarn beard to be Falstad/Swiftwing.
  • Diablo could put tiny arms below his normal arms to be Dehaka. Like, action figure arms, or maybe taped up serving utensils.
  • Azmodan could wrap a big cardboard construction around him to look like a Fort, and his minions would wear bucket helmets (W) or a wizard hat (D) to look like wave dudes.
  • Zeratul could wear a black bathrobe and have a cloth arm blade thing on his other arm to be Alarak, who could in turn wear a yellow bathrobe and mount a toilet seat behind his head to be Artanis.
  • Hanzo could paint his face blue and wear a straw wig under a hood to be Sylvanas.
  • Murky could have a different version of his Marine skin, but, you know, poorly made by a baby murloc. Have a colander as a helmet visor, for example. And instead of a fish or Zerg larva, he could have a toy rifle so he looked like Jimmy. His egg could look like either a bunker or… Whatever building makes normal Marines in SC2.
  • Stitches could strap a ball with an eye painted on it on one shoulder and a tiny horse plush on the other to look like Cho'Gall.
  • Cassia could put a bunch of pool noodles on her back to look like Imperius.
  • Nova could paint an Eye of Horus on her face and wear a hood to look like Ana.
  • Li Li could wear a blue robe and carry a book around to look like Deckard.
  • E.T.C. could cover his body in cardboard spikes to look like Diablo.
  • Sgt. Hammer could mount a statue on top of her tank to look like a Core. Or a cardboard cutout.
  • Kerrigan could have a globe on top of a backpack and tape salad tongs or hedge clippers to her two biggest claw wing things to look like Gazlowe.
  • Abathur could have four cardboard boxes around his "legs" and a fifth, longer box that he holds in front of him (and his people with) and put spiked helmets on his locusts' butts to look like Sgt. Hammer. His monstrosity could just have a huge cardboard rocket on its back to be the BFG.
  • Valeera could replace her knives with sickles and have toilet paper streaming off her back to look like Malthael.
  • Tracer could attach wooden spoons to the sides of her pistols, and wear a maroon hoodie and black jeans to look like Valla.

The trailer would show heroes in the process of putting on their costumes. Nova with eyeliner finishing up the Ana tattoo, Li Li picking up the book, Abathur strapping helmets onto his locusts… Then it would cut to them encountering the real versions of their costumes; Ana honestly appraising Nova, Deckard handing Li Li a potion to throw, Hammer looking really confused at Abathur. Then the standard "here's what they look like in battle" bit.


The costumes could be flipped around for some of them: Valla dressed as Tracer or Gazlowe as Kerrigan, for example. And I'm certain there are some "pairs" I missed. These are just the ones I've been thinking of the past few days. Some of them are stretches (both as how similar the pair would look and whether or not someone has a certain object at home), but the point isn't to make one hero easily confused for another (as that goes against the whole design philosophy).

HotS team, feel free to take this (if you want to). I waive all copyrights I may have, just for you. Sure, it's probably 4+ years of development, but it could be 6 years of annual content (assuming 3 skins released per year) as a "we beat COVID" anniversary celebration or something. Also, if anyone else feels inspired and wants to actually make art of this, just attribute my username as who came up with the original concept. 🙂

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