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Quest’s System Rework concept – a take on HotS gold system.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Quest's System Rework concept - a take on HotS gold system.

Hello r/heroesofthestorm. Tl;dr is at the bottom of the thread.

As per this thread, new players (and older ones, if you look the comments) seems scared/frustrated by the hero's pricing in the game. So I brain-stormed this concept (which is just a concept and totally based on solely my time of playing, so nothing that serious) to maybe address and solve this problem.

So far, this is how you can earn gold in HotS:

  1. Level up heroes 5 times (not in-game) and receive 500g
  2. Winning (30g) or losing (20g) games
  3. Doing new player missions (tutorials)
  4. Doing daily missions

You can also purchase stimpacks to boost your xp gain and quantity of gold per match (resulting in more gold overall)

For now, these are all HotS missions (excluding events):

  • Play 8 games (any mode): 800g
  • Win 3 games (any mode): 600g
  • Play 3 Versus AI games (which are given to new players): 300g
  • Play 3 games as a Melee or Ranged Assassin Hero: 300g
  • Play 3 games as a Bruiser or Tank Hero: 300g
  • Play 3 games as a Healer or Support Hero: 300g
  • Play 2 games as a Diablo Hero: 200g
  • Play 2 games as a Overwatch Hero: 200g
  • Play 2 games as a Starcraft Hero: 200g
  • Play 2 games as a Warcraft Hero: 200g

And you're limited to 3 missions, receiving a new one every day. This results in a roughly 103g/day or 3100g every 30-day month (you will probably receive more if you get repeated missions with more gold value/win more games/play more, so that's just an estimation).

As per this estimation and per missions only, you get basically 3/10 of the gold needed for most heroes in HotS.

Before trying to "fix" the system, let's first try understand why it is like that.

HotS loot system is pretty generous – You get one chest for every hero leveled up, plus some more chests coming from the ranking system rewards and occasionally, events that also has tons of chests as rewards. You can pretty much get all the cool skins you want from these alone (at least I did) and never spend a dime on it.

So where would you spend your money on? Well, here's the catch: in loot chests you can also get skins from heroes you don't own, so there is an attempt to make you buy these heroes you don't own. How? With gold (or gems, but less likely) – and how do we achieve gold?… We've come full cycle.

So, the intention of this system is to keep you there playing, coming day after day to complete new missions/quests (just like others Blizzard's games mission system) and to spend money on stimpacks, so you can get more XP, therefor more gold and so on…

So (again, in my opinion), the problem is that this intention isn't clear enough and the basic numbers by itself are shady and scary (i.e 30-20g per game to buy a 10.000 gold hero). Because of that, let me try to give you an example of an intuitive system that feels rewarding, while also introducing a "new" mission mechanic that most games have been doing recently (because, well, it works).

Firstly, let's rework the actual mission system by ramping up the quantity of missions available per day, while also reducing the quantity of gold that it grants:

  • Now you get 3 quick and easily achievable missions per day, with reduced gold each, but once all finished, gives more gold than what one 300g mission gives you today. Example: 3 missions, each rewarding 50-75 gold. Missions are pretty much what we already have but reduced matches (e.g: Play 1 game as Ranged Assassin or Play 1 game as Healer, etc).
  • These daily missions refreshes each day, therefor, if you just completed two missions, you'd lose the opportunity to get the gold from the third mission of that day (this induces you to play more so you don't lose rewards)
  • You'll also get 2 long biweekly (14 days) missions that are worth way more gold (say, 800-1200g). Example: Mission 1: Play 20 games and win 10 games – Mission 2: Collect 100k exp as a team, deal 250k Siege Damage, 150k Hero Damage and Heal by 125k. These are just examples.

Now that we tried to rework the current mission/quest system, let's go to our "new" mechanic, the battle-pass. The battle-pass is seasonal and will be paid (10 dollars worth of gems) but it'll also reward those who don't buy the pass. You can also spend more gems to level up (say 5 dollars worth of gems for 10 levels).

  • You'll be able to level up your battle-pass up to 100.
  • To level up, the player will simply play the game, chasing generic quests (say, hit enemies X times or heal this much). They don't need to focus specific strategies to achieve the desired level, else, you'd get a fiesta where everyone's trying to accomplish this specific quest and all the other roles or mechanics of the game are stepped aside.
  • Every 5 levels, you'll get one free reward.
  • Every reward will come in form of skins, sprays, emotes, mounts, gold or shards.
  • The battle-pass won't give you gems (so you can't buy next season's pass with it), because the pass is going to be a new form of you contributing with the game that you (supposedly) like.

Battle-passes isn't a new thing, but they work very well because you'll aim for a new reason to play the game daily and you'll feel rewarded. It grants you a sense of pride and accomplishment. *wink*

Since you're spending money to buy the gems and get the battle-pass, it'll be easier (it induces you) to buy a little more to also also buy a stimpack, so you can level faster. One mechanic induces the other one to be obtained.

For all of this to work, HotS loot system (chests) has to be nerfed by a tad bit, but give you a set % of clear chances every X opened chests (say, every 5 chests, one guaranteed rare (or better) item) in contrast of increasing the probability of common items every other chest.

I think that if the game goes along this road, it'll be easier to fetch new players (or old players who quit some time ago) and keep them for a good time, while also generating enough revenue to keep the game healthy.

Thanks for your time and patience for reading it all.

Tl;dr – Quest system reworked to give you more missions, 3 dailies and 2 biweekly that refreshes every set amount of time. Battle-pass introduced to the game.


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