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HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Quick chat commands

Online games have had this for decades, and I think it would be a great idea to add them to this game.

Generally, pings are good enough for conveying basic information about the map, where you're going, and where the enemy might be, but there are limitations to the information that pings can convey. Plus, as we all know, people often ignore pings because they either don't understand what it was for, or they disagree with what they believe you're trying to get across.

I've had several bad experiences with pings. Here are some examples.

  • In most leagues pinging somebody on your own team is effectively "calling them out" for something bad that they did. Almost never have I seen "Player X notes that Hero Y needs help!" be used for that purpose. Conversely, pinging someone after they make a good play is also non-verbal communication for "Good job". I've seen this go horribly wrong. Sometimes I ping someone after they save me or make a great kill, and they immediately open with a tirade of foul language because they think I'm insulting them in some way
  • Traps. Getting 4 other people to understand that you're trying to set a trap with an "On my way" ping is almost impossible
  • Apologies. Apologies can diffuse a potentially ugly situation where you make a mistake and are about to get flamed for it. A simple "mb" or "sorry" can be enough to convey this, but pings offer nothing for that
  • Anyone who plays with team chat off can't say "GG" at the end of the game – sometimes it'd be nice to do so

Adding the ability to quickly print out a message to your team has a lot of benefits:

  • Being able to convey more information, in situations such as above
  • Game quality may increase as people will spend less time typing
  • Players with team chat disabled can still use these commands to help their team without needing to read team chat
  • It would have restrictions on the volume of usage to prevent spam, and of course if it is abused you can still mute that person's chat, just like you would with pings
  • Silenced players will be able to contribute, but with the same restrictions as they have with pings
  • Let's be honest, people pay much less attention to pings than they should and used to. Simulating actual human interaction has psychological benefits that people are more likely to show interest in
  • Toxicity is almost certain to go down as arguments will be reduced

So how would it work? Hotkeys! A limited number of predefined phrases can be bound to a few hotkeys, let's say 5 or 6 of them. They could default to num pad 4 through 9, or maybe F5 through F10. They can be rebound to whatever you like; even mouse buttons if you have them. And you can bind the 5-6 most important ones, or the ones you use the most.

As for some suggestions, perhaps you can all help define some of the most important ones, but to start with we could have something like:

  • Good job!
  • Set a trap?
  • Sorry!
  • Good idea
  • I don't think so
  • I need stacks
  • I've got this
  • Thanks!
  • No problem
  • GG!

How do you feel about it? There's probably improvements that can be made to the suggestion but as a concept I think it would be great. I'd certainly like it as I usually play with team chat turned off.

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