Heroes of the Storm

Radical and Rough concept for Malygos

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Radical and Rough concept for Malygos

Other than the low population the game has and other than the very slow pace of new heroe releases, I think the game is suffering from an overreliance on late gamy stuff (comps+gameplay). Too many stacks, too many late game power spikes, games end consistently after 20 minutes after a late game teamfight.

To this, I propose a hero concept that brings back threats at the early game, which unmanaged or unadressed or unadapted to can trigger early game blowouts.



  • Versatile spell damage dealer (both burst and sustained)
  • Early game threat


  • Crowd control
  • Wave clear
  • No escapes


Passive: Malygos starts the game (in his elf form) with 200 stacks of arcane essences. For each death Malygos loses 15 stacks. His Spell damage, Autoattacks and his mana pool are all proportional to how many stacks he has.

Active -Evocation: Depending on how many stacks he currently has, he channels a mana regenerating animation, that recuperates a certain amount of his mana. The rate of mana recovery is based on how many stacks of Aracane essences Malygos currently has.

Q – Arcane Missiles: Launches a stream of arcane missiles in a channeling ability with an indefinite duration. Malygos chooses when to stop the channeling. The mana cost is ongoing and

W – Arcane Blast: Casts a spell that deals moderate damage. This ability is also a point and click ability> However after each cast of this spell, Malygos gains the ability to recast within a short period of time with extra parameters as seen below:

  • Reduced casting time
  • Increased damage
  • Increased mana cost

E – Mana shield: Malygos envelops himself in a mana shield for a duration, that soaks damage at the cost of his mana. The shield will disappear after soaking a set amount of damage. Malygos also has the ability of undo his shield early if he so wishes.

R1 – Aspect of Magic: Malygos transforms into his dragon form for a duration. His missiles and blasts now do splash damage, and his shield triggers two Arcane explosions. An explosion at the moment of the initial activation and another during the undoing of the shield.

R2 – Hidden Arcanum: Malygos chooses a friendly target to link himself to. After 0.5 seconds, both players are set to the same percentage of the maximum mana based on whoever currently has the most. This ability cannot be used on heroes that do not have a mana pool.

He resembles the butcher in certain elements and is completely opposite to him in others.

I leave the cooldowns and the talents up to your imaginations, but essentially, Malygos is meant to steamroll kills early in the game and avoid death at all costs in order to create an early game advantage that can lead to a premature game ending. This is why he doesn't have escapes, he is meant to want to constantly fight, brawl and invade camps in the early game. His late game can also be scaled in a way that is inferior to other characters. He is very much a niche pick that might give birth to a new type of comps that like the idea of SMOrcing away and dictating the early pace of the game.

Coupled with this nexus anomaly proposal of mine , there should be a shift in what ways comps attempt at weighing early vs late game values.

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