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Random New Map Ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Random New Map Ideas

Just to be clear, these are not complete ideas for maps. I just want to brainstorm (and more ideas are encouraged) some possible map themes, objectives, and layouts that could add to the diversity of the map pool, and enjoyment of the game. Balancing and reality can all come later, I'm just throwing out some thoughts that I think would be cool to see.

1) Diablo treasure goblins as an objective. One, or a bunch of little ones, spawn and run around erratically. They have 50% CC reduction, and when they die loot or coins or exp or health globes pop out, which when collected fuels the main map push, whatever that is.

2) Some kind of exploratory map. A map where there are lots of paths outside the main lanes, there may not even be actual lanes. There are even passages behind the cores of both teams. Your forts and keeps are replaced with outposts, which have walls and gates and towers on all sides. No minion waves, but a lot of experience camps out there in the jungle to level off of. Your main pushing power comes from mercenary camps and whatever the map objective is. Maybe if you win the objective, it lays siege to one of the enemy forts, attacking it from all sides with jungle creatures.

3) Capture the flag of some kind. Map objectives that need to be fought over and channeled to pick up, but then need to be safely returned to your base. Now, some heroes are global, so to make it fair it would have to maybe silence the person carrying it, or make carrying the flag be like entering a vehicle, so all heroes carry the flag the same way, but it's a pretty common game mode that HOTS doesn't have.


4) A base-building map. I realize that the point of map objectives is to destroy things in order to make the game come to an end, and creating new things works against that. However, whether it is with peons and peasants or scvs and probes (Note: There aren't any maps that feature Protoss at all), I feel like there should be a way to make this work. Like maybe it's a three lane map, but only the top and bottom lanes have structures and minions. There are workers that gather resources that can be killed off, and respawn every so often (with a max of five per base), and once enough resources are gathered, you get buildings in the middle lane. Camps and objectives also net you resources, so your team needs to split their attention between lane exp, objectives, and worker harass. Then the buildings in the midlane (which can be destroyed as well) spawn extra minions, or have a healing well that only triggers a half cooldown, or give items you can use, or grant vision, or are just towers that can help defend. Maybe the plots for all the buildings are there, and you have to click on them to channel and build the structure (if you have the resources), so your team can choose what to build (though it could have consequences of your own team griefing by wasting resources on useless structures). Building your base in the keep position makes it safer, but building it in the forward fort position grants more map control. And because you can only build up the midlane, structure damage in the other two lanes is permanent.

5) An arena objective. When the objective timer comes up, it accepts between 2 and 5 players from each team (either randomly, or in a set order). There would be a teleporter you channel in your main base to get into the arena, which would be the only way in (no globals would work). The only way out is to win or to die. Both teams would have constant vision of the arena, and 30 seconds after the objective starts, if one team hasn't entered the other team wins by default. So if two people on your team are dead, and it's a 5v5 arena, you could choose to give it up and not die in a 3v5. You could have one big open arena, or a selection of different ones with different barriers/bushes/traps.

6) A weather map. Like the anomaly, but just on one map. Maybe a Starcraft map, on some moon or planet with a real fast revolution so it experiences season changes every couple minutes, but it shifts between storms and fog and snow and sun at regular intervals.

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